So You’re Losing Your Hearing: 5 Facts about Modern Hearing Aids that You Should Know


When you think of hearing aids, the vast majority of people still think of a large piece of equipment that’s attached to the side of your face, plugs into your ear and then tries and improve your quality of life by improving the quality of your hearing with a single setting – ON.

However, in these modern times, this isn’t the case. Hearing aids tend not to be the clunky bits of plastic that sit behind our ears, but rather sleek and discrete devices; but this isn’t the only change. Today, we’re going to explore five interesting facts about modern hearing aids, detailing everything you need to know.

#1 – Compatible with Technology

Of course, all devices these days are compatible with other forms of technology in one way or another, and hearing aids are no exception.

With the ability to connect to your computer, smartphone and tablet, all the settings of your devices, including the hearing settings and volume etc., can be controlled effortlessly from your own device.

#2 – Hearing Aids are Practically Invisible

As we spoke about in the introduction, hearing aids used to be these big, bulky and over-sized pieces of equipment – think actually horns back in the day – but nowadays, modern hearing aids are designed to be practically invisible.

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like the ideas of wearing one because of the comments or questions you might get from it, this doesn’t matter because it simply won’t get to that point! In terms of design and functionality, there’s never been a better time to invest in your health by buying hearing aids that help you in all aspects of your life.

#3 – Always Ready to Go

Another fantastic feature on modern hearing aids is the fact you never have to worry about them running out of charge. Whereas in the past you’d have to fumble around trying to replace the small batteries that powered them, these days the aids come with rechargeable batteries.

This means you can simply charge the hearing aids up every single night, giving you all the power you need to see you through the next day without any power problems whatsoever.

#4 – Adjustable Sound Settings

What makes modern hearing aids so special is the fact that they now come with easy-to-control settings which are designed to help you change the style of hearing to suit you best in whatever situation you might find yourself in.

Whether you’re quietly in your house watching TV, out in a busy and bustling restaurant or even a business meeting, there’s a setting on new hearing aids to give you the best experience entirely.

#5 – Durable Against Everything

Perhaps one of the best features of modern hearing aids is the fact that they’re designed to stay protected against the everyday grime and elements that you’ll come across. These include water, moisture, sweat, dust and all other kinds of dirt that would, in the past, ruin your older hearing aids.

Thanks to innovations on the design front of the casing of the hearing aids, your devices are protected from these elements, meaning they’re designed to stand the test of time.


As you can see, modern hearing aids have come a long, long way over the past few decades, and there’s never been a better time to correct and improve your hearing capabilities, ensuring you can enjoy the experiences in your life to their full potential.

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