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ME & MY FIRST Years Memory Books Because Memories are Cherished


Memory books are so much fun!  Although the baby books I have for my kids only go up to the first year or so, I scribbled in as many things as I could. Sadly as my second and third babies came I wrote less.  I could kick myself now but I will say I did pretty good overall. 

I just love the Me & My First Years Memory Books.  I love that they are similar to a modern version of the ‘baby book’ but with more years than your average baby book.  They have two fun themes, one is Monsters and the other one Animals   Honestly, I would have a hard time picking which one I would want, only because girls can like both as well as boys.

Inside Monsters Book

ME and MY FIRST Years Memory Books-Monsters

One of the truly great privileges of being a parent (and there are many) is having a front row seat to all those magical ‘firsts’ that happen during childhood. Sometimes I wished I could have held onto them just for a little bit longer.  I am also now feeling that way with my two grandchildren, that is one of the many great privileges you get besides raising your own children.

ME and MY FIRST Years Memory Books

There’s the first time he/she utters the words ‘mama’. The first time she/he melts you with her/his beaming smile or those first few wobbly steps towards freedom. That first day at school, watching them stand proudly in their new uniform as you struggle to hold back the tears.  Two of my greatest memories, since I have become a grandma is first meeting my granddaughter and her calling me Grandma Wilwiss, and watching the birth of my grandson. We as parents and grandparents are always making memories of ‘firsts’.

These childhood ‘firsts’ happen only once and they come and go so quickly that if you blink you might miss them. The ‘Me & My First Years Memory Books’ are available for purchase now on Amazon. They are a great way to ensure you capture every one of these magical moments.  

Inside of Animals

ME and MY FIRST Years Memory Books

From bump to birthdays and everything in between, they’re perfect for capturing the first years in a new baby’s life. 

Available in 2 designs: Animals and Monsters, they are cute but not cutesy and fun to fill in and read. Currently, each book is on sale for introductory product launch promotion only available on amazon for $19.99 which are linked below.

ME and MY FIRST Years Memory Books Animals

Each book contains 48 pages to fill in all your precious milestones and stories from their first smile to their first steps, to their first bath and many more. You can also plot their family tree, chart their growth and celebrate those major milestones in their life including first holidays, first day at school and their birthdays up to 5 years old. 

Also included is a safe ink pad for your baby’s hand and footprint, along with a storage pocket for preserving locks of hair and other mementos. The books are spirally bound meaning you can fill it full of photos and it will still sit flat. 

The ‘Me and My First Years Memory Books‘ make a thoughtful, creative gift for any parents to be and are the perfect keepsake to forever capture the magic of baby’s first years.

Purchase your copy today at Amazon:

Click below for Me and My First website

 Me & My First are a family orientated business who thrive off reviews and positive customer feedback. 

Me & My First are allowing Mom Blog Society to hold a giveaway with 5 Winners! Each winner will receive both copies (a copy of the Animal Memory Book and the Monster Memory Book!) The giveaway will start tomorrow 12/8 and run until 12/22.




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Angela Saver

I think it’s so important to document all the special memories! I love that it includes the safe ink pad so you can do the baby’s hand and footprint! I also love the storage pocket for preserving locks of hair!

Stephanie Phelps

Oh my gosh I know how you feel. I did not do that with my kids and I regret it things like thier hospital shirts and hair are tucked away in a box and I would have loved to have done this with them but now I get a chance to with my first grandchild and this one is so unique with including the pouch for the hair and the safe ink pad for your baby’s hand and footprint. So cool!

jeani b

these are fantastic! when my first daughter was born we wrote everything down everywhere and when it was time to make her baby book [which i custom made in photoshop, each individual page, it took me a year], it was hard to pull all the notes together, but it was worth it. now, there are apps to track everything and awesome, affordable books like this! just in time for our second daughter who was born in august. 😀

Tina Alexander

I had my last two kids a little over one year apart so I have lots of memobilia stashed away that really should be securely displayed. The fact that there are illustrations will entice my little ones to help me fill it up.

vickie couturier

how cute,,i kept memory books for both my kids and now its time to start with the grandchildren,,they really enjoy looking back at these when they are grown,,sweet memories

Jana Leah

These books look cute & clever to capture all your memories.

LeAnn Harbert

My son just had his first baby and would really like this.

Samantha B

The art and graphics in this memory book are wonderful!

Elaine Powell

I would love to gift this to my dau-in-law and son, they are expecting, due in Spring.

Austin Baroudi

Would love this for my daughter! Thanks so much for sharing!

Evans B

Love that my daughter and I can document everything. The layout is kid-friendly and very colorful. Something she would really love to have.

cindy legg

this is originäl and ädorable

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