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Healthy Snacking Tips with Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Clusters


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Sticking to a healthy diet brings a huge challenge. That challenge is magnified when the cravings set in. You can have smooth running, and suddenly you find yourself wanting that chocolate bar or sweet.

My best all-time tip for keeping to a healthy diet is to find healthier alternatives for my cravings. I have since replaced my chip consumption with mozzarella cheese, my soda consumption with seltzer and juice, and salad dressings with avocados. But I’ve still been battling the never-ending sweet crave that hits me too often.

Brothers-All-Natural fruit clusters were a hit from the moment we tried them. We had just settled down from a huge flight (a 24 hour journey) with some family members, and discovered a shipment of Brothers-All-Natural fruit clusters that had come in the mail while we were out. 

We downed three bags right away. These crispy sweet snacks are as addictive as they are healthy. They are mildly sweet and have a crispy freshness. The berries give natural color that makes them appealing to the eye and even more appetizing.

“Fruit Clusters™ are gaining popularity for their uniqueness and flavor; they are fruit like you’ve never had before.These crispy, crunchy fruit snacks made with the best fruits from around the world that have been cut into pieces, freeze-dried, and rolled into a fun, bite-sized “cluster.” The Fruit Clusters™ are different from Brothers-All-Natural popular line of Fruit Crisps because they are a blend of fruit, available in Raspberry Apple, Blueberry Apple, and Apple Cinnamon, and unique in texture and crunch.”

 Brothers-All-Natural likes to take everyone into consideration, regardless of dietary restrictions. As a strict kosher-keeper, I was delighted to find out that all of their products have on them OU kosher certification. Since they are Gluten Free as well, I will be sending some back to my sister in England who suffers from Celiac disease and is always looking for a delicious snack to try. They are also peanut free, non-GMO, and are made of 100% real fruit.


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  • Comes in three fun flavors: blueberry and Fuji apple, Raspberry and Fuji apple, and Fuji apples and cinnamon. 
  • Gluten free
  • Peanut, tree nut, soy free
  • OU Kosher Parve certification
  • Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • Ingredients: Fruit, fruit, and more fruit (nothing else!)
  • Each bag has 6 servings of fruit (3 portions, two servings per portion).
  • Each serving has only 40 calories (from the natural sugars in fruit), and none from fat. Compare to a typical serving of chocolate (I just checked) which has 220 calories, 100 from fat.
  • No added sugar, color, or preservatives.


Brothers-All-Natural fruit clusters are such a simple and delicious food replacement, and a great snack for kids too. The fun colors make it more kid-friendly, and I can be confident knowing it comes only from the berries inside. I plan to try crumbling these and using them in place of sprinkles on an ice cream sundae once the warm weather hits. This snack will definitely become the newest staple in our home. 


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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


About Author


Menucha is a Jersey girl living in big New York with her husband and little boy. She is currently fulfilling her dream to be a stay at home mom. She loves crafting, the color purple, and chocolate. Menucha blogs at momsandcrafters.com in between making jewelry and working as a freelance graphic designer.

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Maryann D.

I love that this snack is all natural and I always try to look for natural and healthy products for my family. I try to keep fruits and vegetables and products like this handy for a quick snack.


I try to buy organic and healthy snack for my family. I like apple and orange flavors

Hayley S

We try to eat healthy! Smoothies is usually our go-to for breakfast or a snack, and we try to do oatmeal as often as we can! Out and about is when it is the hardest to eat healthy though, so these snacks look like a great way to eat healthy on the go! I think the apple cinnamon would be my favorite!

Tamra Phelps

I bet the blueberry/apple tastes amazing! I love that they are nut-free, too, since my nephew is allergic!

Lisa Romine

For the last year, I have adapted my diet to become more health conscious. With doing this, I have tried to eat more natural foods and try to avoid things high in fat or carbs. The raspberry apple sounds really good.

Tamra Gibson

Great review. As i was reading it i actually had to stop and say Wow this sounds exactly like me with the exception i haven’t found an alternative snack for my sweet cravings. We live in a super small town and r pretty limited to the newest of products. Wld love to try these

Jill Jacoby

I really try not to have anything sugary around to snack on and I am always looking for something new to try. These look really good and I would love to try the apple cinnamon flavor.

Karen Beckett

I have been trying to eat healthier. My one tip is to drink LOTS of water. It really does help, not only with hydration, but helps to lessen cravings & keep you feeling full. I love that these snacks are all natural; I would LOVE the Raspberry & Fuji Apple flavor!

vicki wurgler

we do try to eat healthy-if I have fruit and raw veggies in the house my family will eat them. I avoid buying junk foods. Raspberry and Fuji apple flavor sounds good to me

Rachel Mauffray

I try to avoid too many proceed carbohydrates. I think that I would like to try the blueberry flavor. All of the flavors look delicious.

Lisa Williams

I try to pass up the chip and ice cream isle in the grocery store,honestly I don’t much care for that stuff as much as I used to anyway. I would absolutely love to try all the flavors of these snacks,I love most fruit snacks but the one that I would pick first would be the Raspberry and Fuji apple,it sounds delicious!

Kimberly Flickinger (@kaflickinger74)
Kimberly Flickinger (@kaflickinger74)

I try to eat healthier by including more protein in my diet and less carbohydrates.


I haven’t tried these, but I think you can never go wrong with Apple and Cinnamon, so I think they would be the first ones I would try.

jeani b

i do the same thing when taking on a new healthy eating habit – switch one item for another one. i would like to try the blueberry apple the most.

Lana Simanovicki

I’m looking for healthy things always I would like to try the apple one

Angela W

The Fuji apples and cinnamon looks tasty. I try to eat healthier and drink water every day for energy. I know it is important because my children want to do everything that I do.

Tiffany S

I try to eat healthier, but sometimes have a hard time when there is junk food around. I would like to try the raspberry and fuiji apple flavor.


I try to eat healthily. I add spinach or kale to virtually everything! I love love LOVE the Apple and Cinnamon Fruit Clusters! They are so delicious. The only problem is that they are really expensive. As much as I love them, I can’t afford them.


I would like the apple cinnamon most


I like snacks like this. Fruit and nuts in chocolate or fruit and vegetables with dip. I mostly eat meat and potato so any thing that gets me to eat healthier is good.


I do try to eat healthier. I would most like the Apple Cinnamon Fruit Clusters.


What a great product. My family would love these! I love they are Non-GMO, and I love that I could replace this for chips as a snack.


Blueberry and Fuji Apple looks best.

Sharon Kaminski

I would like the raspbery clusters. We try to eat healthier by eating more fruits and vegetables and nuts. We also try to make a fruit smoothie every day.

Dorothy Teel

How yummy these look especially like the Raspberry and Fuji Apple fruit clusters here at my home, we would fight over them,


Yummy! As someone with a severe peanut allergy (and finding it very difficult to find peanut-free items), this would be great to try.

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