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Batteroo Technologhy Extends Battery Life!


Are you aware that over 15 billion batteries end up in landfills each year? That’s a lot of batteries and Batteroo informs us that if we lined them all up back to back we could actually have them wrap around the earth 18 times! WOW, so not only are we disposing of millions of batteries, we are also contaminating our soil and a laundry list of other environmental impacts when you think about it!

So you may be asking what is Batteroo?  Well,  Batteroo Boost is a reusable sleeve for your disposable batteries that works to extend battery life and maximize performance. Batteroo Boost will prevent you from wasting money buying new batteries every time. Many times we tend to throw away our batteries without knowing some of them if not all still have charging juice left within! Now, with the use of Batteroo Boost you will ” GET MORE and WASTE LESS”!

The Batteroo Boost is very simple to use: just follow the simple steps below!

The sleeve is very thin and will slip onto any battery ranging from double AA’s-AAA’s-C , and D batteries. Consuming fewer batteries is ideal and to that end. The Silicon Valley-based company, Batteroo has released its eponymous battery life extender. Again, once the sleeve is slipped onto a battery it will then draw out its usable power to prolong its life. Impressive. 

Technically speaking, Batteroo is a miniaturized voltage management and delivery system. Stainless steel, less than .1 millimeter thick, these reusable devices can significantly cut the number of batteries we buy, use, and throw away (which makes the battery companies not too happy).

So instead of contaminating our soil and harming the environment by disposing of your batteries, why not give Batteroo a try. You can test out Batteroo in many devices remote controls, video game controllers, toys, flashlights, radios, small appliances, and so many other battery operated units.

If you would like to learn more about how disposing batteries can harm our environmental just take a moment to read the Batteroo Website. I do believe there will be many great benefits from the use of the Batteroo Boost Sleeves, especially during an emergency outage!

Save Money, Revive Old Batteries, Extend Battery Life, and get ready to Maximize Performance too!

You can keep up with Batteroo via their social media: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram |


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robin rue

This sounds awesome! It seems like I am always replacing the batteries in one thing or another, so this will help!

Vera Bortolotto

Protecting the environment is so important. I cannot imagine how many batteries people go through and this Batteroo Boost Sleeves can really help! This is defiantly a product I can use.


One of my kids did a science experiment on batteries and which ones lasted the longest. The result were interesting. We have switched over to recharging out batteries which saves money and the landfill.

Lisa Favre

This is actually super because I feel we have so many small electronics that lose battery so easily. The remote is definitely one of them. I also have a few toys that are battery-operated and seem to lose juice right away!

Christy Maurer

Anything that helps my batteries last longer is good with me! We got through batteries like crazy with all of our electronics.

Pam Wattenbarger

It seems like the batteries in things are always dead when I want to use them. This sounds like really neat tech.


This sounds really cool! I had no idea something like this existed. I could use a little extended battery life for all my batteries!

Jennifer S

Wow! Protecting the environment is extremely important for all of our futures. I would love to us this, for the remote batteries that we have in my house. Most other batteries use rechargeable.

Jacqui S

This is a great idea. Batteries come and go faster than you can blink it seems. This would be great to have so they don’t disappear so quickly.

valmg @ Mom Knows It All

This is such a terrific concept for a product. Not only could it make a difference in what goes into the landfills, it could also make a difference on what we spend.


That’s neat. I wish there was a way to recycle these batteries like you can recycle bottles and cans. It seems like the battery companies should be forced to change this on their end and make their product environmentally safe.

Annemarie LeBlanc

This is the first time I heard about the product. I think that’s awesome. Having something to make batteries last longer is a must-purchase item for me. Thanks for letting me know about these Batteroo sleeves.

Katie Kinsley

I use the reusable batteries for my mouse on my iMac. But if they die, then I have to wait to charge them and end up using regular batteries in the meantime.


I am all about rechargeable batteries. I had no idea that many batteries ended up in landfills each year, that is a scary number.

Tami Qualls

Finally a way to end battery waste. I am glad to know that I will not be throwing my money away anymore with the batteries. My hubby will be glad to have a Batteroo, too.

Heather @ Country Life, City Wife

18 times around the earth. That is absolutely crazy and sad all at once. I showed this to my husband and we’re going to look into Batteroo. We try hard to buy batteries we can recharge, but this will help in this times we can’t.

Ali Rost

I had no idea that many batteries were thrown out each year! Now I know why my husband has switched us mostly to rechargeables. Anything that can help protect our environment is a win in my book!

My Teen Guide

This is really helpful! Changing batteries a lot is the worst. This is really amazing

Bites for Foodies

I can only imagine how many batteries are thrown out each year…we go through so many, especially since having kids. It’s unbelievable how many batteries their toys require!

Terri Beavers

I’ve got so many old batteries I’ve kept because I didn’t want them thrown in our landfill. I’m going to have to check this out more.


That looks like a great product. I am often concerned about all the batteries my devices use and filling up landfills. A couple years ago, I transitioned to rechargeable batteries and LED lightbulbs. I recycle or throw much less away now! This looks like a product I should look into.

Mimi Green

I’m all about doing my part to preserve the environment. I know we use a fair amount of batteries in our home. Batteroo sounds like the answer.

Nikka Shae

I need these batteries for my remote since I have to change them all the time.


This is really need. I need to check this product out. I love that you can save batteries more this way.


This is such a great idea. I hate tossing batteries so I tons sitting till I find a place to recycle them. Great product idea.


I am always looking for longer lasting batteries. We use so many of them here. Protecting the environment is important, so this is a product I will use.

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