The Acer C710-2834 11.6″ Chromebook Is a Pleasant Surprise!



s0599972_sc7When I think of notebooks, I imagine this small laptop that mimics a kids toy. I’ve never owned a notebook, much less a Chromebook, and I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised. Although I envisioned a kids toy, it’s far from it. This little baby is packed with a powerful punch. First let me say, when I first set up the Chromebook, I immediately went to my Norton antivirus account so I could download the virus protection, however it kept telling me that it couldn’t be installed on the computer. So, I did a little digging on the Chromebook to see if it had McAfee already installed and it didn’t. But, that’s when I came across the “Stay Safe app”. The Google Chromebook has a built-in-virus protection with multiple layers of security. Which means you don’t have to pay for antivirus software! I’m already in love!

The Acer C710-2834 11.6″ Chromebook  has Intel Celeron Processor 1007U 1.5GHz 2MB L3 Cache with 2GB DDR3 Dual-Channel Memory and 16GB SSD Hard Drive. It is available at Staples for only $199! That is the cheapest I’ve ever seen a Chromebook. Leave it to Staples to offer the best deals around! And with Christmas just around the corner this is a great find! I know I will be putting a couple of these amazing Chrombooks under my tree this year!

s0792858_sc7Another great buy I found at Staples is the New Apple iPad Air with Retina display with WiFi and 16GB It’s 20 percent thinner and weight just one pound! I thought the iPam mini was tiny but this rocks!

Plus the A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, ultrafast wireless, powerful apps, with up to 10 hours of battery life.2 And over 475,000 apps in the App Store are just a tap away.3. The monitor is a big 9.7″! It also has a 5mp iSite camera with 1080p, HD video recording and Facetime HD camera. And Staples has the best price on the new Apple iPad Air I’ve found!

Staples is by far the best place to shop for your tech gadgets this year. Their prices are simply unbeatable! And, if you’re like me and love to shop on-the-go you can download the Staples Mobile App to your iPhone or Android and shop from anywhere, anytime!

From technology, to household items such as coffee machines to office supplies, Staples has been my one-stop-shopping choice for the last seven-years! Why not make it yours too! And don’t forget to check out their weekly ad online, you can save big! I look at the Staples weekly online ad each week before I make a purchase of any kind. Because 9 times out of 10 I can save big buy going to Staples first!


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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.


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  1. Chromebook will definitely get looked at the next time I need a computer. thanks for the info.

  2. I’ve seen ads for the Chromebook but haven’t yet checked it out. I will definitely take a look at it the next time we’re out shopping!

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  9. Sheri Ferguson on

    That’s a sweet price for a sweet product. This will definitely be one of the top runners when I make my next purchase.

  10. I love the feature that Google Chromebook has built in virus protection already in it. I did not know that…thanks for pointing that out in your review

  11. I have been very curious about the chrome book. So far I love all things Google and am really thinking that this may be my next laptop.

  12. wheezi (Jeanne Jewett) on

    Oh! I must investigate…just in time for a new one. After looking at a few, I have come to the conclusion that there is alot more to be seen! Thanks for the great review 🙂

  13. I love new computer technologies and thank you for the review. Curious to see it in person.

  14. I am in need of a new lap top and this one keeps coming up in my looking around. I have entered a couple giveaways as I can’t really afford one, but it sounds great! Thanks for your review.

  15. Susan Marie Krysztoforski on

    Built in security makes me nervous. Worth checking out at the price point? Maybe. I have been looking at a surface pro as a portable option so will have to compare specs. Thanks for the reminder to shop around! Sometimes I forget how quickly new stuff comes out.

  16. Ive been thinking about getting a chromebook to replace my failing laptop for getting my stuff done while working around the house and while out and about.

  17. Chromebook would be a great newer version for a notebook and I am glad Staples carries the best deals.

  18. This is a really great computer. I wish it was at my house instead of Staples. It would get a lot more use and love.

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  20. Love the built in anti virus software/app for the Chromebook.
    I might get one for my daughter lots of great features great price too

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    This looks like a really good laptop and has a really good price. Will have to check this one out.

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    The one thing that stood out to me in this Chromebook review is the built-in virus protection. All the other features are great,too. It’s nice having a review to read to understand things better.

  24. The Chromebook is my dream. It has a lot of great features including built in virus protection. You review just makes me want one more than I do.

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    I would love to be able to give a Chromebook to my girls for school. It seems like a powerful lil device for sure thx 4 the informative review

  26. This Chromebook is a nice powerful device. Love the fact don’t have to buy the extra virus protection.

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  29. The Chromebook sounds great, I’d love to get this for my daughter for Christmas, her netbook broke almost a year ago!

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    I love the fact that Google chrome has the built in virus protection which is important to me. Thank you for the great review will consider a Chromebook for my next purchase

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    I’ve read lots of reviews about the Chromebook and love the look of it! I would really love this! Thanks!!

  33. I really like the built in anti-virus software. It seems silly to have to pay separately for it.

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    This chrome book would be perfect for when my husband goes back to school in the military.

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    I’ve seen and read nothing but good reviews about the Chromebook; looking forward to being employed again to purchase one of my own.

  38. We love Staples, and they always have good deals. This Chromebook could definitely get some usage in our home.

  39. patricia parsons on

    i really need a laptop and this is something i will look at and at a good price too with money being so tight does it have the ability to video chat with grandson

  40. Don’t have any type of portable device so this would be a welcome addition and great addition

  41. Wow that is amazing that the antivirus is built in. Never knew that existed. I can safely assume that it was built with the idea that they will protect the consumer. Love that the iPad Air is thinner/better.

  42. Great review! I love Staples, and this chrome book looks and sounds amazing. We need a new one. Maybe I can win this one! Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  43. I have heard that this item is way cool & your review just repeated that fact. So many awesome features of the Acer C710 Chromebook Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 Merry Christmas

  44. sarahmarie jerome on

    I like that is has built-in-virus protection.. I have had a few hard drives destroyed by virus’s

  45. I’ve become really fond of working on smaller machines, and this Chromebook fits the bill perfectly. And what a great price!

  46. I’ve heard good things about the Chromebook. It would make a super Christmas present for my hubby.

  47. I actually have and use an Acer Desktop and I love it. This Chromebook would make a great companion to it. Very good review, and thank you for taking the time to write it up for us. 🙂

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    I would love the Chromebook!! I work fom home as a data entry typist and my laptop is dying. thank for the giveaway!

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    I love the sounds of the Chromebook. It has a lot of great features and seems like it would be a great machine. My poor old laptop needs to be retired.

  50. I like that it has 2GB DDR3 Dual-Channel Memory and 16GB SSD Hard Drive to me how much memory and hard drive space it has is a plus.

  51. Amanda Johnson on

    I like the idea of built in security as I don’t have a clue about which anti virus wont mess up my machine one the 12 motnhs is up or which free one wont make my computer go really slow. I love the idea that is already taken care of. One less thing to worry about 😀

  52. Ellen Thompson on

    I sure could use one of these Chromebooks so my kids would have a computer to do homework on. This sounds like a really good computer.

  53. Doorsie Morrison on

    Great review! You covered what the specs were under the hood & I wondered about that! Looks like a great, handy lil netbook to have around! Sleek & stylish too! Thank you for the review!

  54. I did not know that I can get an awesome Acer Notebook for only $199 dollars at Staples and that it already comes with its own antivirus software! What a really good chrome book for the money!

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    Thanks so much for the information. I do believe that Chromebook is looking to be an up in coming GREAT item to have in my home for sure 🙂 Thanks so much

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    I love the price and light weight of these Chromebooks! I checked them out a while back when I was shopping at Staples. They’re awesome!

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    Tithe my daughter going into high school and her laptop not working, this would be awesome!

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    This would be great for me to keep downstairs. I currently use my huge gaming laptop that weighs about 12lbs and it is such a pita to lug around everywhere.

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    The laptop so awesome and I do not have one now because my old had been bought by my naibour along time ago

  60. I have heard alot of positive things about the Chromebook. My current laptop is old and very heavy and i have been considering buying a new one. I will check out this one when i go to purchase one.

  61. I have been curious about the Chromebook. What a surprise to find out it has built in security protocols and is such a great price. I think a Chromebook will be the next computer purchase I make.

  62. This Chromebook looks perfect! My laptop is starting to get old and slow and I’m starting to shop around for a new one so thank you for the review!

  63. I’ve never owned my own computer, chromebook, etc. This sounds fabulous and the price is affordable

  64. I would absolutely love to win this… My Nook is cracked and I need something bigger and my eyes are getting weaker!

  65. This sounds really nice. We have old desktop comps but they work! Never had any fancy gizmos so this would be fun. Love Staples. Appreciate the contest. Good luck everyone!

  66. Lindsay Badorine-Lewison on

    I love my iPad and can get a lot done on it, but there is no replacing an actual laptop. It would be a great item to add to my technology and help with my schoolwork and job. Thank you for giving all of us an opportunity to own one!

  67. I think a Chromebook is best for me and my needs as I don’t really use anything other then paint sometimes & a word pad.
    I recently bought a laptop off of a friend, but its messed up (she didnt tell me) and its estimated to be $200 to fix. D:

  68. Danielle Cordeau on

    WOW I love the price on that chrome book. I had one similar in the past and I loved it for writing. I miss having something so portable and small.

  69. Marlene Gaither on

    I have a really old Acer that I love, but the memory is not enough to run current programs. This one looks awesome!

  70. I love the stay safe app. I always worry about internet security. this is a helpful review. I am helping my mom look for a computer

  71. Lilia Kharabora on

    I like that the Google Chromebook has a built-in-virus protection with multiple layers of security.
    Great giveaway. Sincerely appreciated!

  72. I really like that anti-virus software is already installed – shows good thinking on Acer’s part. And how can you beat the $199 price tag? I’ve seen this one, and it is FAR from being a toy. Easily portable, too. Nice laptop!

  73. Could use a nice lap-top, and/or my husband would love it too. Maybe I better not be the winner, because if I won, my husband would probably claim it!

  74. Cheryl Rahkonen on

    My husband has an Acer Chromebook that he loves. I want one also. The Chromebook is so easy to use. I also would love to have the Apple iPad Air-it only weighs 1 pound -how awesome.

  75. I like that it doesn’t need traditional antivirus and it has a SSD installed 😀

    thanks for the review

  76. I’ve never heard of the Chromebook until now. But the part that sold me was that I don’t have to pay for antivirus software. I’m very concerned about viruses. I’ve had one on my computer and it was expensive to get it fixed.

  77. A built in antivirus program..sweet! I actually just dropped my laptop yesterday, 🙁 I will be looking at the Staples site for sure.

  78. Will be checking out the Chromebook next time shopping. Like that it comes w/antivirus protection. Love the size!!!

  79. love teh review love the antivirus in it also i could really use a ne laptop that is fast and reliable

  80. I’ve been researching Chromebooks since Black Friday and have decided to start saving for one! Love that the Acer Cromebook is only $199 at Staples and that its so compact. I could carry it in my bag with my books when I start school in January! 😀
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. that chromebook would be a perfect solution for me. I like to play or browse on my smartphone when I travel, but I’m getting a bit older so checking things out on that tiny screen tends to put me off fast, even if it’s the only thing saving me from boredom.

  82. Love the built in security. Although I have heard many talk about them, I thought they would be more costly … think I’ll go check out staples for other great deals too, thanks!

  83. Wow….your review sold me. $199 is a nice price. I also love that it already has an anti-virus program installed. That’s a money and time saver right there.

  84. This is such a wonderful product~ Top of the line Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  85. This would be so nice to have, I would really like to have one of these under our Christmas tree this year.

  86. I have an old acer but it has served me well andIf I am able to get one again it seems like this one is a wonderful little computer for the price.

  87. I’m totally loving the Chromebook. Talk about a good price too! I’d love to gift one to my daughter, she’s been wanting a computer for so long and at this price it’s possible!

  88. I’m really surprised by the price. It’s really nice to actually read what others think about a purchase like this prior to making the financialinvesyment.I am going to purchase a new computer after the holidays! Thank-you for the information!

  89. Andrea Williams on

    My teenage son has really been asking for a chromebook of his own. He would love one of these! Very reasonably priced.

  90. I have been looking at the Chromebook at I really like it. The price is reasonable. I would love to own one!

  91. My daughter has a chromebook and says she loves it, I jumped on it last week and it puts my laptop to shame.

  92. This sounds like a perfect computer for the kids now that they are needing one to do school assignments/homework.

  93. Renee Williams on

    Hmmm, built-in antivirus protection?! I am definitely going to have to consider the chromebook for my daughter.

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    The Chrome Book would come in handy. This would be an amazing present for my entire family. My son could play games and do homework. My hubby can watch movies and I can sweep. Thanks again!!!!! Happy Holidays One of a kind giveaway

  95. The Chromebook would be perfect for carrying back and forth between school and home. My current laptop needs to be replaced and is large, bulky, and heavy.

  96. My favorite features of the Chromebook are the size, price and the multiple layers of anti-virus protection.

  97. I buy my office supplies at Staples and never thought to check out Laptops,now someone on my list is going to be very happy,!

  98. As a college student who does most of my classes online, the Chromebook would be absolutely wonderful to have.

  99. Susan Broughton on

    My laptop is at the end of the road. It has seen better days. I have been looking around to decide what new computer I want to get. I really enjoyed your review on this one! I myself like a little bigger one. I guess because I am older I am set in my ways instead of going with the crowd and stepping up. But this sounds like a great computer and will be in my mind while I am looking.

  100. I worry about security…since I’m not all that computer literate. I love that the Chromebook comes with security from the start.

  101. Wow, I really want these! And the Virus Protection is already on it so you don’t have to pay Norton the $50.00 this Year.


    Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Thats an awesome price for the chromebook. Id love the opportunity to win this, I would give it as a birthday gift to my dad, hes turning 68 in april and has been getting beginner lesson from my daughter on how to start out learning about the internet lol its fun to watch!

  103. Deborah Caudill on

    I would love to win this Chromebook for myself. I have never had a laptop, but this one has all of the features that I want and then some. Since I am disabled and it is difficult for me to walk, I would love to have this laptop to enter giveaways and sweepstakes. I can’t get to the desktop and tablets don’t do it all like this laptop does. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone.

  104. Ms Gretchen Ann Luper on

    i would love to win this for my 9 yr old grandson. He makes straight A’s in school (4th grade) and he deserves this very much

  105. First, I am a huge Samsung fan!!! Secondly… I have heard fabulous things about the Chromebook itself… so love the idea of maybe winning one!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for a lovely giveaway!!!!

  106. Thanks for the review. I hadn’t considered this previously, but will now be taking a closer look.

  107. Love that it comes with protection! I so need a new computer as my laptop is fading fast. I don’t even get the blue screen of death anymore, it goes red now…

  108. Jenn S (FotoJennic) on

    Nice deals you found!! I always thought of Best Buy for electronics, STaples for office stuff. Guess its been a while since I went shopping, lol.

  109. sherry butcher on

    My daughter has an Acer and loves it. I expect to be getting a new computer next year so I love this review. TFS.

  110. I really need to look at Staples more often and plan accordingly. They are right down the street from me but their store sits back off the main road and I always forget it’s there.

    I like that the Chromebook comes with anti-virus software already on the hard drive.

  111. It would have been more helpful if you had included the price of the Apple ipad Air. I hope this does not offend you but that you can think of it as constructive suggestion.

  112. I’d love to have a Chromebook to work on. It looks likes it’s a pretty powerful laptop at a good price. Thanks!

  113. Holly Storm-Burge on

    Staples usually has the best prices on electronics around the holidays. I’d love a Chromebook. I know I should be more concerned about what’s inside, but they’re so CUTE!

  114. Wished we had staples near by. I heard good reviews about this brand. This would be an awesome gift.

  115. My very first computer was an Acer. That was back when I started college (16 years ago). It sucked! But I think they make computers a lot better now!

  116. I have been debating the pros/cons for whether or not to get my mother one of these. She’s not really that tech savvy however she does know how to use hulu, netflix, twitter and does enjoy some online shopping from time to time. I love that this comes with virus protection already installed and is small enough to carry and powerful enough to handle multiple tasks instead of a bigger more complex laptop with some many unnecessary apps and extras. I will have to get this.

  117. I have been wanting a Chromebook I have heard they are great thank you for the great reveiw

  118. I love that it has such a big screen and that it has a video camera. This is exactly what my son needs.

  119. I’m hoping to upgrade my laptop soon, the Chromeboo sounds awesome. Love that it has built-in-virus protection.

  120. candy kratzer wenzel on

    I would love to have a Chromebook. My computer is older than dirt and the screen held together by duct tape.

  121. The chromebook would be a great help in the kitchen. I could keep all my recipes on it and have them all right at hand.

  122. I love staples!!! We haven’t bought a computer there though but I would love the chromebook!! I have no need for all the snazzy things on laptops (windows OS) all the time so it would be nice just to be able to get onto the internet as quickly as possible.

  123. Thank you for the great review on the Chromebook. I like that it has it’s on anti virus protection. I have only heard about them.

  124. I wonder if this would be a good alternative to iPads for schools. It’s certainly less expensive and is more of a true computer, though you’d have to commit to using Google apps and live in the cloud.

  125. Does not need antivirus installed! I need one so bad! Does it also come with anti-nosy roommate, just kidding. I love this little thing, I need a computer for school and my freelance writing since my last one wass destroyed by a drink falling in it.

  126. I like Google Chrome as an OS and Google Play store has a large number of apps so the ChromeBooks can do about anything a Windows laptop could that I would use it for. Also since it would use Google Drive to store any documents, you wouldn’t need a large hard drive onboard as long as you had Internet access. Thanks for the info.

  127. The Chromebook would free up our traditional computers for homework and allow internet-focused users to use the Chromebook.

  128. Debbie Welchert on

    I really want this computer and I love that it’s already equipped with virus protection. The price is so affordable too. This would be perfect for my grandson who has started Junior High this year.

  129. Daily Woman (Lacey) on

    I would love to get a new Acer computer, I would like a computer to use in our homeschool.

  130. Kaylee Kuroski on

    I’m glad to see more Chromebooks on the market these days, much easier to use, lighter, and have great prices!

  131. When comparing the Ipad to the Chromebook, i would have to say I like the chromebook better just because I type so much and find the touch screen difficult to type on. Nice Review, I didn’t think about the safety features.

  132. The Acer C710-2834 11.6″ Chromebook sounds ideal. I also have never owned a laptop and my desktop is antiquated. I would love to get an Acer Chromebook and enjoy the freedom of mobility. The built-in virus protection is definitely a pleasant surprise at such an affordable price.

  133. I love that it has a built in virus protection! love the review, I would love to win this and give it to my husband for Christmas.

  134. I was playing with the Chromebook at the store the other day and I like the operating system and ease of use.

  135. Vanessa Richard on

    been looking into getting a new laptop my two boys done a number on this one thanks for the review on this one

  136. amber broussard on

    Me and my hubby been talking about either gettin a laptop or tablet. Lovin these reviews.would love to have this

  137. Enjoyed the review! you answered all the questions I was just asking myself a few days ago as I was looking at one of these in a Office Depot ad. So Staple’s is not much farther away and my daughter wanted either a Tablet or Laptop for x-mas. This seems as equally awesome! Will now check into it thank you so very much for all the great clarity in your review!

  138. Nice Review! It is good to know Staples sells this product. I had an Acer once it was a good laptop. It lasted for 7 yrs! 🙂

  139. I love Staples and agree that they can have some great prices on electronics – I’d love a Chromebook, it looks like a great computer to have.

  140. I have heard such good things about the Chrome operating system; it really makes me want to try this machine out!

  141. I have heard great things abuut the chrombook. Will have to check them out. Would love to win one 🙂

  142. It would awesome to win this chromebook because I definitely need a laptop/notebook since mine is so old

  143. I haven’t given the Chromebook much thought, but I will for sure give it a look when it comes time to buy a new computer.

  144. I have heard a lot about the chromebook, I think what I like best is the fact it isn’t real pricey.

  145. This looks like a great product. I would love to give this to my dad for his upcoming 60th birthday. His laptop is currently on its last leg!!!

  146. I loved this review. My hubby has been wanting a chrome book for himself. Hoping I win this to give to him. He works so hard for us and that allows me to stay home with the kids. We never buy each other gifts for Christmas or Birthdays to save money so this would be awesome! His birthday is this Sunday, December 22. What a gift this would be for him.

  147. Wow I love tech stuff and this price is just wonderful. I thought chrome books were much more expensive.this is a great surprise.

  148. I have never owned a tablet, a laptop, or a Kindle. That being said, I am not totally ignorant of new tech gadgets. I do own a smart phone, and ive used computers for years. I eould love to win this because it would be extremely handy and would be easier on my eyes and purse! So fingers crossed and Happy Holidays!

  149. My son has an Acer. I have to “steal” it when he’s sleeping. He doesn’t mind because he pities me, I think. The thing is just the right size for me because it’s nice and big( for my tied eyes) but I can still snuggle up with it at the end of the day when I can no longer sit at my PC. Yes, I still use a PC!

  150. I can’t believe the great price for this Chromebook and anti-virus is already built in! Thanks for the great review 🙂

  151. I have been eyeing one of these for the longest time. I’m trying to start my own business and this is Perfect! Sure hoping I win. Thanks

  152. wow nice. i love how much memory for something so small! these look so nice and compact. not like my old dinosaur!

  153. I know a few people who own Acer and have no complaints about them. I would love to own one

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  154. Thanks for the review on the Chromebook – I’m thinking this is the right kind of laptop for my mom. She’s most an Internet user, besides saving photos of her grandkids, so I think she’d find this easy to use. Thanks again for the information!! It’s really helpful to hear actual reviews when you’re researching a product.

  155. The Chromebook sounds like a great laptop, I currently have a notebook and they’re not that small…I’d love to give the Chromebook a try, thank you for this review.

  156. I would love to have this to keep in touch with my son and his family he is a Corporal In the Marine Corp so this would be amazing to have… Happy Holidays!!!

  157. I like that the Chromebook has built in anti-virus protection. What a great price for something that is definitely a necessity!

  158. This sounds like an awesome computer. I could use one but I have no idea what to really look for in one.

  159. I was just at Office Depot looking at this exact Chromebook and I couldn’t believe what a nice computer it is for the price! I love that it has the built in virus protection!! I have had so many viruses in the past from not having protection, only because I would forget about it! Anyway thank you for the wonderful review!

  160. The Chromebook looks and sounds like a great computer! I also like that it has the virus protection already built into it.

  161. Alayna Gonzalez on

    Can I just say that not having to buy antivirus software is pretty awesome? And I love Acer. I was a Dell person for years but now Acer is the only laptop brand I will buy.

  162. Have recently found an interest in Acer. This review is very informative. Highlights of power points the computer offers. Now I want one!

  163. Great review! Several of my keys on this laptop are broken, so I’m in the market for a new one. I love that virus protection is included!

  164. Really like the long battery life – 1o hours is pretty impressive! Need a new laptop so this will help a lot.

  165. I love that this has the built-in security makes you feel a lot safer.Never owned a laptop or chromebook,but its on my Christmas list

  166. Sandra McFadden on

    I love Acer computers my son has one and I have a small one if I would win this one I would give it to my girlfriend who needs a computer.

  167. I’d love to win! My laptop recently stopped working and it’d be great to have a new one before the next semester starts!

  168. It seems like a great affordable laptop option for someone like me who wants a laptop but doesn’t need one for work or anything like that.

  169. I like that it’s affordable. The 2GB memory concerns me a little, but I think it’s great if primarily you’re just using it for internet stuff and word processing.

  170. Jessica Colello on

    this chromebook sounds really good. I am definitely in need of a replacement laptop my current one has lasted 5+ years so far and fully functional but getting sluggish which makes me nervous one day soon it’ll die

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