“You’re Gonna Love It” — Giving Your Kids the Perfect Holiday


Family holidays are a pleasure, a bonding opportunity, and an absolute nightmare all in one. That said, the big family holiday offers more advantages than negatives. In our fast-paced culture it’s more important than ever to create a space for your family where you can break from the routine, try new activities, and build memories together. If you have a large family, the mere cost of a vacation sometimes feels reason enough not to go. Traveling with kids doesn’t need to be intimidating or expensive, though, and many families watch their budget closely and are still able to get a bargain deal for a few days away. Camping is an option and gives the chance to experience and even be at one with the great outdoors. One of the least expensive ways “to spend time away together is on the many cheap package holidays available these days, designed specially with families in mind. Road trips can also be fun, especially with some planning. A family holiday will need some modifications from a traditional adults-only trip. Kids often need a slower pace and don’t feel the need to see everything. You know your kids best, so do a bit of research before you leave to make sure that you have age-appropriate activities on the agenda. Involve the kids in planning so that everyone has something to look forward to, and manage expectations by making it clear that everyone’s choices are valid, even if a particular option isn’t loved by all. Try to schedule a fun kids’ activity, such as a swim before bed or a stop for ice cream — particularly if the day is more adult-focused. As important as it is to get away from the day-to-day, you still have to hold on to some aspects of home. To the greatest extent you can, keep to regular sleep and food schedules. Kids are often more resilient than we think, but perform best when they’re properly fed and rested — and this will work in your favor too. The less tired and cranky the kids are, the happier everyone will be! Thinking about what and how you pack is one way to lessen the stress of your vacation. Pack what you need, but pack economically as the fewer bags you have to haul through airports and train stations, the better. Any mobile child can carry a bag, even if it’s just a small backpack with a snack and a book. Not only does this free space in your bag, it gives the child a sense of responsibility for the trip (which they’ll enjoy!). Older children can also be in charge of making sure that all possessions are secure, reading maps or timetables, or fact-finding for the day’s activities. Holidays with kids are fun and rewarding. The opportunity to relax as a family and build memories is invaluable, whether your children are too young to remember or too cool to go. Though the days may seem long when your kids are young, the years soon roll by. You’ll never regret the time you invested in enjoying and having fun with your kids, laugh and joke as you might about it.

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