Your Guide To Saving Money With A Baby On The Way


Every day, millions of parents-to-be find themselves going through the exciting yet daunting journey of bringing a baby into the world. Everything from getting the nursery ready in time for the birth, to finding ways to effectively budget for the newfound financial strain can leave some parents close to tears. While a bad credit payday loan can seem like an ideal solution when things really do get tough, being able to budget for the long-term is a must. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to save a bit of extra cash when carrying a baby, and we’ve got just a few to get you started.

Know What You’re Entitled To

Over 350,000 babies are brought into the world every day and the world has reacted in kind. Mother’s across the world are being provided with financial support and the UK, in particular, is no exception. In fact, if you’re a mother-to-be in the UK, then you’re entitled to much more than you might expect.

No longer do you need to pay for prescriptions or dental care – this is all free provided you have a Maternity Exemption Certificate (MatEx) which can be easily obtained by posting the form after your doctor or midwife has signed it. You are also entitled to some paid maternity leave providing you have been working at your current position for more than 26 weeks. This is 39 out of the 52 weeks you are allowed to take. Similarly, you and your partner are entitled to paid leave in addition to your annual leave for any antenatal appointments. Knowing what you’re entitled to can stop you from paying out when you don’t need to and even claiming what you’re entitled to at work!

Ask Around

The best place to get your hands on supplies for the new baby is to ask around friends and family who may have recently had a baby of their own. Newborn babies, in particular, grow out of their clothes, toys and even their crib incredibly quickly and it’s likely that anyone you know with a baby might have some second hand, good-as-new clothing and equipment ready for you to have or buy for a much cheaper price than if it were brand new.

Buy Second Hand

In a similar way to the point above, second-hand supplies for your baby, at least where clothing, toys, and furniture are concerned, can help you save hundreds in the run-up to the birth. Splashing out on brand new clothes that your baby will quickly grow out of is arguably a waste of money, particularly if you’re short on cash so picking up second-hand clothing can be an incredible compromise. After all, most of the clothing you find will only have been worn a few times, if at all!

Avoid Bulk Buying

This might seem counterproductive, but buying in bulk can actually cost more than it saves. When your baby is still nestled comfortably in the womb, you aren’t going to truly know which nappies or wipes you, or they, will like best. You could end up wasting a stockpile of supplies. Instead, just buy enough for the first week prior to the birth and, from there, you can consider buying in bulk or taking advantage of deals once you settle on your favorite brands.

Make The Most Of Loyalty Discounts

Everyone from Tesco and Asda to Amazon and Mothercare has their very own parenting ‘club’ that you can join to gain access to exclusive discounts and freebies when you need them most. Bounty offers a mum-to-be sample pack which can be perfect if you want to get a feel for any nappies, wipes or even care products for you, while Amazon’s Prime Family offers access to exclusive deals and vouchers, as well as 20% off of nappies and baby food with monthly subscriptions. You could consider setting up a new email and signing up to the likes of Johnsons or Cow & Gate for all of their newsletters and discount codes, without having to clog up your personal inbox.

Building up a budget for your new baby can seem like an endless struggle. With the ongoing costs to consider, those who might not be in an ‘ideal’ financial situation can often feel lost. Hopefully, with the tips above, you can eradicate this feeling and start getting your budget underway. Buy second-hand with confidence and take advantage of the discounts and support that you’re entitled to – raising a baby doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive as it seems.


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