Worry Less When Hiring Brooklyn Movers By Knowing How You Can Protect Your Move


Protecting your relocation from scams doesn’t necessarily have to do with Brooklyn movers or acquiring insurance; you may do it by buying property protection from a moving company or securing it. People, as a rule, unfortunately, are not as concerned about employing movers as they should be. Most importantly, it is estimated that hundreds of claims are brought toward movers every year for abuse of this claim of yours is disputed about estimated 3,600 consumers submitted complaints about moving frauds in 2016 with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which found that 3/4ths of them were fictitious. Among the complaints, 39% claimed damage and 37% claimed overcharges; 15% claimed an anti-competitive activity where the customer was unable to obtain access to their goods or valuables and reported a hostage situation were brought up. Taking consideration this into account,  here are a few measures to follow in order to avoid all that from occurring to you. 

Be Sure To Carefully Select Amongst Brooklyn Movers

Do not trust just others with your valuable items. Trying to find a trustworthy and reliable moving company is by far the most critical step in securing your relocation. To avoid moving frauds and unscrupulous movers, conduct a background check on the moving firm. All reputable interstate moving companies will have to have a United States Department of Transportation-issued license number. Moving companies should be state-licensed thus be careful and see to it that you receive quotations from at least three separate moving firms prior to selecting movers. All assessments should be founded on an in-person evaluation of your home or a video examination. Never accept an online or telephone quotation from a moving company.

Find Out The Scope of The Valuation Coverage of These Brooklyn Movers

To begin, you should understand that valuation protection is not synonymous with relocation insurance. Therefore, before relocating, conduct research on value coverage to determine what it covers and, more significantly, what it does not cover. While you may believe that value coverage covers all of your items during a transfer, this may not be the case. For instance, if you haul your own packages, it might also be hard to recover damages from a mover for things ruined in those boxes. Additionally, your movers may be held harmless for damage to your belongings caused by natural forces like a fire, tornado, among others.

Request for Specifics About Your Current Homeowners Policy

Prior to actually getting supplemental moving insurance, examine your property owner’s policy to determine what is insured. Often, property owners’ insurance would not include household goods in transportation, but only until they are inside your house.

You May Want To Another Insurance for Your Move

Irrespective of the liability threshold of your mover, you must also consider getting supplemental moving insurance while relocating. Because valuation coverage is restricted and therefore cannot fully compensate you for lost or damaged property, it may be prudent to acquire moving insurance via a third-party insurance provider especially if you are to relocate some important and expensive property. And if you are trying to find a place to keep your stuff during your move, then it is essential that you keep in mind that all these moving insurance policies cover valuables in storage for up to 90 days.

See To It That You Take Pictures Of All Your Things Before The Move

Take photographs of every one of your possessions prior to packing. This way, if you need to submit a claim, you may demonstrate the damaged item’s before and after photos. Possessing photographs as proof will bolster your argument and keep the movers answerable for their conduct.

Be Alert With The Red Flags When Hiring Brooklyn Movers

When selecting a moving company, keep a watchful eye out for warning signs. The FMCSA advises consumers to be vigilant for the following warning signs of moving fraud:

  • The moving company does not really agree to conduct an onsite inspection.
  • The moving company will assert that they can only provide you with the charges after the move. 
  • The moving company is demanding that you pay them with cash or some large amount of deposit upfront.
  • The moving company will attempt that you sign a blank or some documents that are not even complete.
  • The moving company will not provide you with a proper local address and/or it may not even have an official corporate-owned truck for the move. 
  • The moving company is unable to give you proper written approximate charges for the move. 
  • The moving company is unable to provide you with your own copy of your rights and responsibilities as a customer. 
  • The moving company will assert that you don’t have to worry because all of the goods are going to be covered by their own insurance. 

Ensure that You have Packed Cautiously And Smartly

The simplest method to help protect your relocation is to pack everything as neatly and tightly as possible. This will ensure that nothing breaks during the journey of your things. Utilize the proper boxes, packing supplies, and protective materials to ensure a successful packing job. You can check out the internet to look for exclusive offers and discounts on the highest-quality storage containers and packaging goods.

Additional Considerations When Employing Brooklyn Movers

  • Never be afraid to ask around for referrals

Make inquiries from reliable family members and friends with their own encounters with Brooklyn moving services. Maybe someone you believe had a terrible experience with such a highly regarded service or vice versa.

  • See to it that you have verified the mover’s insurance coverage and proof of license

Never use a moving company that does not have documentation of licensing and protection, and check the firm’s US Department of Transportation (US DOT) number at fmcsa.dot.gov.

  • Always be on the lookout for the warnings signs when hiring a mover

If something strikes you as potentially malicious during your research and comparison of moving firms, trust your instincts and remove that company off the list. Companies that require deposits prior to moving day and businesses that lease rather than own their moving trucks are potential warning signs.

By following the procedures and suggestions above, you can guarantee that you pick a moving company that could not only do the task on time and on the budget but will also complete the job correctly.

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