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Did you or your toddler receive a new phone or tablet this holiday season?  Now that you have the latest in tech, what are you going to load it up with?  

The app markets are overflowing with all sorts of life enhancing ideas just waiting to be downloaded.  With so many options it is hard to know which are truly worth your precious attention.

 If you have a child that is learning the ABCs and the corresponding sounds, then Wonster Words will fit nicely on your new smart device.

Inspired by childhood classics like Sesame Street, Super Why and Word Girl, Wonster Words is an ABC, phonics, and spelling game that is loved by parents and adored by kids. Wonster Words has won numerous awards including Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Picks, Mom’s Choice Gold, NAPPA Gold, iKids, and others.

Interactive word puzzles made up of silly animated letters introduce your toddlers to the ABCs and the 44 most common English phonemes. Put the animated letters where they belong as they sound out ABCs, phonics, gliding vowels, and consonant. This fun yet educational game is designed to help both school age and preschool children to learn the skills needed to be able to spell out new words.


Once the word puzzles are completed, children will enjoy cute, whimsical animations headlined by the lovable Wonster crew. The animations reinforce the spelling and pronunciation of the words, while teaching kids the meaning of these words.


In addition to the animations, kids will occasionally be rewarded with surprise mini-games. Unlike other educational games that can’t seem to keep your child’s attention, Wonster Words is sure to engage and educate your child!


Wonster Words is free to download and play. It comes with 15 free words for your child to play, along with a free daily “Word of the Day”! If you would like more words, an additional 100+ words are available through in app purchases. All purchases are locked behind parent gates to block accidental purchases by children. With regular updates, Wonster Words provides endless learning and fun for children. Download today to your new smartphone and tablet!


The Google Play Store is having a year end promotion and Wonster Words is a key part of it!  Between December 28 and January 6, the Wonster Words All Access Pass is 33% off, just $9.99!  (This offer is only valid through the Google Play Store)




Here is what users are saying about Wonster Words:

  • “I am a retired Speech-language Pathologist and I provide training for preschools. I love this app for vocabulary building, early reading and spelling.”
  •  “Awesome! Our little man enjoys it a lot. He has been playing it for the past two years, and never tires of it.”
  • “I love that my 3- year-old twins are learning while they play. It’s entertaining for them and at this age things just stick. This app makes the learning fun and effortless! Thank you!”
  • I am thrilled that a student of mine is drawn to this app. It is great to encourage his phonics, and speech practice as he engages in and repeats letter names and words in this app. He is motivated by the error-less learning puzzle format and humorous games. Thanks for another great app! — Lynn Ouellette, MS-Ed
  • “Our 3-year-old old can’t get enough of this app! He loves word building!”

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