Why You Should Hire Insured Service Technicians


When it comes to hiring technicians, what is your top concern? A common problem when hiring contractors is whether or not they carry insurance. What if something goes wrong? While homeowners and business owner’s insurance may cover you, your deductible may apply. 

What if the worker decides to sue? Even if the worker is at fault, home owner’s policies protect you against damage and theft, but not every liability-related claim. These questions might run through your mind when hiring a service technician. So, let’s see what you can do about it.

Best Practices When Hiring a Home Repair Technician

When considering hiring a technician, whether it’s for plumbing, electrical, or heating repair services, it’s essential to know whether that technician is insured and bonded. You can answer these questions quickly with a simple check of their insurance certificate, which they should present to you before any work is conducted on your property. 

Hiring this type of company may cost you more money at first, but if one of your employees is hurt during their working time on your property, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll never have to pay for their medical bills or other expenses.

Fall Protection: The Safest Choice

Be smart about your money, especially if an injury happens while someone is on your property. If a plumber was working on your home and injured his back, he could sue you for malpractice because he was working under unsafe conditions (e.g., no fall protection). You’d then be responsible for all medical bills associated with his injury.

Don’t Get Ripped Off By an Uninsured Technician

It’s always a good idea to ask for proof of insurance before hiring someone to work on your home or vehicle. Asking for verification is especially true if you are potentially hiring someone who’s not as well-known as others in the area. 

It’s probably best if you don’t risk letting possible unprofessionalism or negligence go unchecked by asking for proof before providing someone with an opportunity to work on your home or vehicle.

There are quite a few situations where this could save you from potential liability issues, which could cost you far more than the initial price tag of hiring an insured technician.

Common Household Accidents

If a technician accidentally cuts themselves in your home while working on something, they may contract an infection. If they cut themselves on something like the broken glass of your window, they could pass along hepatitis C through their blood. This injury means that you could be held responsible for ensuring they get treated for the virus and that you may have to pay for any medication they need.

Avoiding Office Accidents

Suppose someone trips over a wire not appropriately secured because the service technician was careless or didn’t do their due diligence in connecting the cables in your office properly. In that case, you may be liable for any damages from the fall. This injury could include medical bills or, if someone else was present during the accident, pain and suffering compensation.

Beware of Uninsured Service Techs

Compensation for those damages may be challenging if an uninsured service technician harms one of your properties. If a technician is injured because of your negligence or faulty property, you must compensate them for their injury and ensure that they’re taken care of medically. Rather be safe than sorry for an accident.

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