Deciding Between Repairing your Roof and Installing a New One


Whenever you come across some signs of damage on your roof, you get confused while determining that it can be fixed by opting for specific repair measures or you need to go for a complete roof replacement. Depending upon the severity and signs of the damage, you can draw the conclusion. But if you don’t land with a proper conclusion, you can go for a professional roof inspection and seek help from your licensed contractor.

In order to make any decision, you need to consider a few facts first. Don’t worry! We have helped you with some of the facts.

Most significant Roof Replacement VS Roof Repair facts:

Age of the Roof under consideration

Are you aware of the date of installation of your current roof? You can determine the time at which it should be replaced by analyzing the average age of the material used for building it. If your roof has started showing signs of over-use or over-ageing; and has suffered many instances of storm damages, leaks, or any other problems, you may consider replacing it, on a priority basis. Replacing an older, damaged or failing roof is a more pocket-friendly idea than paying for its repair repeatedly. If you are planning to stay in the house for more than a decade, then this investment is worth the penny.

If the roof is leaking or not

A leaky roof is an unbearable issue that comes along with roof damage; a majority of homeowners go for roof replacement or repairing due to this issue. If you find any moisture stains on your ceiling or adjacent walls, the reason can be a leaky roof. Leaky roofs may cause further water damage to your property and may lead to mold formation or short-circuiting. The source of the water leak can be any plumbing malfunction also if the identification of the source seems tricky, you can always go for professional help. And the leak needs to be fixed as soon as possible, to avoid any further issue. Such incidents need at least a roof repair and its adverse cases may require a roof replacement.

The severity of the Roof Damage

Suppose you are even thinking of roof repair or replacement. In that case, it implies that either your roof is leaking; or it has deteriorated a lot in appearance or has undergone any physical damage. Signs of roof damage are very discrete, and their solutions are also concrete, common signs of roof damage include moss formation, mold formation, loosening of shingles, missing shingles, punctures or cracks on the roof. You may take the decision yourself or in case of ambiguities approach a professional.

Condition of the roof shingles

One secure method of solving your dilemma is to determine the condition of the roof shingles. The shingles give you a clear picture of the state of your roof. A roof can withstand few seasons if all of its shingles are in the correct place. The shingles shouldn’t be curled or loosened, as this may be a call for roof replacement. If the shingles appear fine, then all other issues can be solved by going of roof repair measures.

Geographical Area

If you live in a region with a high occurrence of hail storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes; then you give high priority to your roof architecture. The mild repair measures may fail and will be accompanied by recurring damages. So, it is advisable to go for a roof replacement only.

A new roof can offer peace of mind, knowing that your valuable belongings under the roof, are safe from all kinds of risks and dangers.

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3 years ago

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