Why You Should Consider Click Laminate Flooring


Durable and aesthetically pleasing, wooden flooring is undoubtedly a crowd favorite – no matter what room you are redecorating. On the other hand, there is carpet flooring for those who want to enjoy a bit more comfort at the cost of extra maintenance. Both remain popular choices when it comes to quality flooring for homes.

That said, there is one type of flooring that is a mix of all the positives of its competitors without necessarily compromising versatility. Laminate flooring, which you can acquire here, tends to be neglected compared to wooden and carpet flooring, which is a shame as it has the capacity to outperform just about every type of flooring around.

The advantages of click laminate over wooden flooring

Despite the many different pros of utilizing wooden flooring, it still has one glaring weakness – the wood will eventually expand when exposed to moisture for too long. It means that professionals will have to deal with an allowance when installing quality wooden flooring, as it must make up for the fact that it will likely expand and cause damage through warping. Laminate flooring has no such problem, ensuring that it offers a more versatile options – particularly for the kitchen and bathroom – and that it will not end up bowing or warping with time.

Laminate flooring is also resistant to scratches – something that even engineered hardwood flooring tends to suffer form. For families that own large pets, the furred companions could end up scuffing the flooring which would require sanding to rectify. Laminate flooring provides a comfortable experience no matter the situation.

The Advantages of Click Laminate Over Carpet Flooring

While carpet flooring is undoubtedly luxurious in a different way from laminate flooring, its number one weakness is the fact that the dense fibers are notorious for holding onto stains, dirty, dust and allergens. Even fur tends to weave its way into the pile, which means that families owning pets of any kind would likely think twice before going with carpet flooring.

There is also the issue of maintenance – which is where laminate flooring shines. Whereas even wooden flooring might require waxing now and again, laminate flooring is perfectly fine with a light scrubbing. Carpets on the other hand require plenty of work to keep pristine.

Diversity and Affordability

As if the above reasons were not enough, laminate flooring is both affordable and easy to fit into all manner of homes. The different designs you can use make it an easy choice for the picky homeowner, and the fact that it is stain and moisture resistant further cement its role as an ideal choice of flooring.

While the other types of flooring available offer pros and cons of their own, laminate flooring provides a well-rounded set of advantages that outshine the rest. The click fit installation system of click laminate also makes it relatively easy to install, and the easy maintenance and versatile designs will ensure that it is the perfect choice for any room of the house.

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