Why quilting is a great activity to do in retirement


1.Reduces stress

Researchers say that we all live in a constant state of stress and anxiety. Our thoughts drift into fear constantly, regardless of the situation. However, quilting and other repetitive motion activities have been shown to activate the parasympathetic nervous system in our bodies which reduces our bodies’ instinct for fight or flight. Quilting is a good activity for retirees as it may help them deal with any accumulated stress that they may have from their many years in service as well as stress that comes from trying to figure out what to do next after retirement. Quilting is a good way to reduce stress and relieve tension. While quilting may be difficult at the beginning, it eventually gets easier with practice. Quilting is especially advised for those retirees with depression and anxiety issues. Doctors have identified quilting as an activity that will help those with depression and anxiety to stay distracted from their troubled state.

  1. Quilting brings joy

Once you get accustomed to quilting you will maintain a constant state of happiness. This is because quilting creates a sense of accomplishment when you are done with your project. The satisfaction of completing a quilting project floods the brain with dopamine and serotonin which are feel-good hormones that keep us in euphoria. Therefore, in addition to quilting being a good activity for those with anxiety and depression, it will also help keep the retirees happy even when the status quo has changed and they no longer can go to their workplaces. A bonus is that completion of a quilting project will keep the maker happy when they can see their finished product daily. Retirees interested in quilting should, therefore, seek out the appropriate quilting equipment by checking out the Quilter’s Review where they can find the appropriate tools to enhance their quilting experience, boosting their joy.

3.Helps retirees stay social

When retirees get off work, they often become lonely since they are plucked from their usual day to day interactions with workplace friends and colleagues. Long term exposure to loneliness can lead to stress and depression since human beings are naturally social creatures. This problem is compounded by the fact that in this digital age, we are used to minding our own business and interacting solely through social media. An activity like quilting is a good way for retirees to make friends in the community as they meet fellow quilters. Furthermore, it is easier to meet fellow quilters on online forums and social media, making good use of the technology.

4.Enhances brain power

Quilting is also a good choice activity to boost brain power especially in old age when the memory becomes troublesome. Quilting stimulates a lot of brain activity since it requires psychomotor skills; memory, stitching and emotion management. Quilting involves a lot of geometry during cutting and matching of shapes before sewing. The incorporation of different colors and patterns will also stimulate the brain to work better. Therefore, frequent quilting will stimulate the retiree’s brain to stay sharp which will help them maintain their brain power and memory even as they grow older.

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