Why It’s Better to Invest In Digital Staging Than DIY Decor


Selling a home can be a hard time so the last thing you need is to worry about your marketing costs. Of course, your real estate agent will develop the right marketing strategy for you and your needs. Nevertheless, digital staging saves you thousands of dollars whilst giving you other perks that would be crazy to ignore. If you’re not convinced, why not check out what the professionals can create? Explore their portfolio of great and award-winning staged photos and imagine what they could do for your property. 

Advantages of Digital Staging over DIY Decor 

Virtual staging, in general, is taking over physical staging although some people might still prefer being able to showcase their home with real furniture. After all, it makes the experience more real but it’s not actually necessary. You can achieve so much more with digital staging, as described below: 

  • More flexibility 
  • Greater digital opportunities 
  • Easily renovate 
  • Save time and cost

More Flexibility 

The best part of digital staging is that you can have several types of staged photos with a different design style each time. This can be useful if you have various buyer types with contrasting audiences. You’ll then able to post your staged photos in the relevant channels online. It’s a great way to increase your buyer pool and all real estate agents will back you up with this approach.

Another benefit of virtual staging is that you can actually work with your buyers. For instance, perhaps someone is very close to making the final decision but can’t quite work out if their quirky furniture is going to fit. That’s when you can use staged photos to include their furniture. The waiting time is less than 2 days and it’s so cost-effective at only a few tens of dollars per image. 

Greater Digital Opportunities 

These days everything is online and whilst you can of course post photos with real furniture, digital staging opens up many more avenues online. For example, your staged photos can be more easily linked to social media channels and other tools such as 3D tours. Another point to note is that you can also virtually stage floor plans which can be the perfect way to show what’s possible with your property. Moreover, you don’t have to spend large sums of money on architect fees. Simply find virtual staging solutions that combine the perfect furniture removal and virtual design style per photo for your property type.


Easily Renovate 

Virtual staging is about showing what’s possible with your property. It’s essentially a tool to help future buyers dream and visualize themselves living in your home. So, why not renovate in your virtually staged photos and let your buyers truly see the possibilities? It’s also a very easy way to remove any blemishes without having to spend a fortune. Don’t forget that staged photos remove any clutter and personal items that only matter to you. After all, people want to imagine their stuff in there and not yours. Of course, no one wants to see an empty room but instead, you want just the right amount of furniture to make it look welcoming and homely.

Save Time and Cost

Last but by far not least, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars and weeks of logistics time. Traditional staging involves organizing and renting furniture that has to be physically moved to your property. This involves time and money. On the flip side, working with a virtual staging company gives you the benefits of getting their interior design advice whilst being highly cost-effective. It actually only costs on average between around $50 to $100 dollars per image. All this within a waiting period of 2 business days and less for emergencies. So, if you’re still not sure about virtual home staging, what have you got to lose?

How to Choose your Virtual Staging Company 

It’s worth noting out that you can turn your own photos into staged photos with many apps online. Moreover, these aren’t cheaper per se but some people like doing things solo. The bad side is that you don’t get an interior design team giving you advice on current trends and preferences. This is often critical information for your marketing strategy to help your real estate agent. So, how do you even rate the best virtual staging company? Let’s review some of the highlights below: 

  • Realistic and good quality staged photos
  • A vast library of virtual furniture
  • Mixed team of interior designers and digital experts 

It goes without saying that you want high-quality staged photos. The easiest way to determine this is to review their portfolio. Most virtual staging software guarantees quality outputs but you want to be sure that the style is both professional and realistic. 

Another point to check is that your virtual staging company has a library of virtual furniture. The virtual staging software can’t just pluck things out of thin air because the furniture also needs to be created. It’s therefore useful to ask about what style they offer and how flexible the team can be. 

In terms of the team, the best virtual staging companies have interior designers who know how to showcase a room with the right style and colors. Of course, you can do this yourself with an app but there’s a huge difference when the professionals do it. After all, they know how to get the angles, lighting, and colors just right when you order virtual staging services.


Final Thoughts on Digital Staging versus DIY Decor 

Overall, virtually staging your home saves you time and money but it also gives you design flexibility and renovation opportunities. The added perk of working with a virtual staging company is that they work with your real estate agent and input into your marketing strategy. Simply make sure you choose a virtual staging company with a wide-ranging portfolio that feels right for you. Then, let the teams do their thing and you’ll have the best virtually staged photos in no time. 

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