Why Exactly Is My Child Afraid of the Dentist?


No matter what you do, you can’t get your child into the dentist’s chair without them kicking and screaming. They are terrified at the idea of going to an appointment.

You’re not sure why they’re so afraid of the dentist, but it’s got to stop. They need to go in order to keep their teeth healthy. If you don’t establish good oral health while they’re young, they’ll likely neglect it when they get older. 

We can help you discover the source of their fear so you can work on curing it. Check out this guide to learn what your child’s problem might be.

A Fear of Pain 

One of the main causes of dental anxiety is the media. It’s common for cartoons targeted at children to depict the dentist as some supervillain who relishes the idea of taking a drill to a person’s mouth. 

Movies have comedy scenes that involve someone getting a painful root canal. Seeing these images are enough to make anyone scared of the dentist, let alone children. 

While you can’t protect them from being exposed to these scenes, you can reassure them that they are an exaggeration. This might be enough to put them at ease. 

It’s Not Them It’s You 

If you have bad dental anxiety, chances are your children will pick up on it and get scared as well. You have to do your best to put on a brave face. If you don’t, your child will never be comfortable with attending an appointment.

If you come home after receiving painful dental work, resist the urge to groan in pain or complain around your children. This will only make matters worse for them. 

They Didn’t Have the Best First Experience 

When children have a bad first experience at a dental appointment, they won’t want to repeat it. You can’t blame them. The main source of painful experiences is cavities. 

If you’ve allowed the child to eat sugary sweets without teaching them proper oral health habits, the treatment to fix the damage won’t be a walk in the park. 

Lack of Control

As soon as the child sits in the dental chair, they give up control. This sensation is enough to make many children build up walls and resist treatment unless there is a layer of trust there. 

That’s why you need to find the right local dentist for children. They’ll take the time to ease the child’s worries before any procedure to make them feel more comfortable in the chair.  

Help Your Child Get Over Being Afraid of the Dentist 

Does your child pitch a fit every time you tell them that it’s time to go to the dentist? With all the negativity toward oral health professionals in the media, it’s not a shocker. 

Sit down with the dentist before the child’s appointment to talk about their fears. A good physician will take their worries into account and help them get over being afraid of the dentist. 

Again, helping your child settle into a good oral health routine will make their dental visits a little less painful. Check out our blog to learn how to get started.

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