The Best Types Of Backyard Play for Kids in the Age of Social Distancing


Families are going through a rough time during this pandemic.  It’s especially tough on families with little kids that can’t go out on their own, and are stuck at home, even for school.

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard in times like these, it can give kids a great way to spend some energy, get a little change of scenery, and simply get some fresh air and soak in some sunshine (and vitamin D).

But kids can get bored easily, so below we’ll list some different ways to play for kids in the backyard.  Enjoy!

Sand Boxes

Playing in a sandbox allows children to engage in many different types of play. Children can build a sandcastle, use construction toys, or merely dig to their heart’s content. Sandboxes can be enjoyed by children of all ages, including toddlers. 

A sandbox doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it can be a great thing to have in your own backyard. You may want to look for a sandbox that comes with a cover. That way, your children will still be able to enjoy their sandbox after a rainy day. 

Backyard Playsets

You don’t necessarily have to take your children to the playground in order for them to enjoy swings, slides, and other types of playground equipment. Instead, you can invest in a playset that you can install in your own backyard. From small swingsets to massive jungle gyms, you’ll be able to find equipment that your kids will get a lot of use out of. 

There are plenty of playsets to choose from, which means you can find options suitable for many budgets. Once this equipment is fully installed, your kids will constantly be asking to spend more time playing outside. 

Bounce Houses

You’ve probably seen these (or rented them) at birthday parties or block parties, but did you know they have consumer versions of these that you can purchase for your own?  They tend to be smaller but they are also much less expensive then the commercial versions.  

In the days of social distancing and cabin fever, it might be nice for the kids to have their own bounce castle that they can jump up and down on, and it certainly beats them jumping around on the couch.

Yard Games

If your kids love video games and board games, why not look for games that are designed to be played outdoors? Not only are these kinds of games perfect for backyard play, but they’re something that you and your family will be able to enjoy together.

Some popular yard games include ring tosses, badminton, bocce ball, and croquet. You can also opt for simpler yard games, such as tossing a frisbee. If you’re looking for more ways for your family to bond, you’ll find that yard games are an option that’s both healthy and highly appealing. 

Sprinklers and Pools

When the weather is hot, water gives children a way to stay cool. Even if you have safety concerns about swimming pools, there are plenty of other ways for kids to splash around in the water. From wading pools to water balloons, there are countless ways to have fun in the water.

Sprinkling systems can provide hours of fun on a summer day, as can various water toys.  If you are sending your kids outside to play on a hot and sunny day, you should make sure you apply sunscreen every few hours. 


As you can see, there are all kinds of wonderful ways for children to have fun in their own backyard. These are some of the best types of backyard play for kids. If your children have been spending too much time indoors, you should look at these types of play and give them a reason to head outside.

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3 years ago

ank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to  tinker around to check if its possible but cou ldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys

Alice Swedberg
Alice Swedberg
3 years ago

What about reading and writing exercises in the fresh air? Preferably, kids could learn new words and play some quiz games too.
A writing task for a preschooler class workshop