How To Make Your Home Look Like A Show House


We all know those houses that somehow manage to look beautiful all the time. The truth is that keeping a home looking show-house ready at any time is easy to do. Just follow a few of the hints on this list and your home will be more welcoming and look tidier as well.

Flower Power

Strategic placing of flowers all over your house and garden can turn it into an instant showstopper. If garden maintenance is not your strong suit, settle instead for placing potted plants at the front entrance and buy cut flowers for your living area. If you have rambunctious children running around, you can go for hanging plants in decorative holders instead.

Having a vase of beautiful flowers in front of your home puts everyone in a better mood, even if you are not consciously aware of it. If you remember to add a bunch of flowers to the cart when you do your weekly shop, you will be able to keep the blooms as a constant presence in your home.

Made to Measure Curtains

Nothing looks as warm and inviting as a professionally-made and installed set of curtains. They cost only marginally more than shop bought ones and can really tie a room together. Made to measure curtains are far superior to the ones you can buy in a shop or online because the fit is perfect.

Custom-designed curtains are the only way to decorate a home to look as though it has a little something extra. They don’t only look pretty though; made-to-measure window coverings such as blinds and the curtains that draw over them insulate a house much better than a blind or curtain on its own. You will see a definite drop in your utility bills.

It is even possible to get custom curtains lined with blackout material. This not only stops the sun from waking you up early on a summer weekend, but they have also been shown to dull outside noises in bedrooms. This is the double benefit of having custom-made curtains in every room in the house.

Bi-Annual Steam Cleaning

The molecules from cooking and frying can penetrate deep into the carpets and cushion coverings around your home. You know the trick that estate agents use to sell a house by placing a pan of vanilla essence in the oven? If you have the fabrics in your home steam cleaned twice a year, you won’t even have to bother doing this. Your home will smell fresh and welcoming all year round.

If you don’t spend enough time at home during the week to make a booking with a steam cleaning company, you can hire the equipment from your local dry cleaners. It is simple to understand how to use a steamer and as easy as vacuuming.

When you have a home that welcomes you in after a hard day’s work, your house will be as nice to stay in as a hotel.

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