Why Can’t I Lose Weight? A Few Reasons Why


There’s not one singular thing we can point to that causes weight gain. Instead, a person’s weight gets determined by several factors. It’s not a simple matter of how much you eat.

That’s why dieting, exercising, and weight loss are all complicated.

If you’re asking yourself ‘why can’t I lose weight?’, then you’re in good company. Millions of women around the globe are asking themselves the same question.

Wonder no longer. Read on to learn exactly what factors influence your weight and what you can do about them.

1. Your Eating Habits Are Hurting You

It’s a basic concept to understand — the more you eat, the more weight you’ll gain. While simple in theory, it’s not so straightforward in reality.

Not all food gets created equal. It not only matters what you eat but also when and how you eat.

First, you need to make sure you’re eating enough. If your body doesn’t get enough to eat, then it will actually end up causing you to gain weight.

Next, focus on what you’re eating. Make every food you eat count! That means opting for the healthiest choices possible.

2. Your Physical Activity Levels

Have you ever wondered — why can’t I lose weight in the winter? Less physical activity often leads to weight gain. Consistent activity, though, does the opposite.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, make sure you’re getting physical.

3. You Lack Balance in Your Life

Do you tend to yo-yo diet? Are you inconsistent with your exercising goals? Without balance, you’ll continue to struggle with your weight.

Do your best to get into a groove and stick with it!

4. Your Genes Are Working Against You

Try as we might, some things are out of our control. If your genetic makeup is working against you, then you’ll always be climbing uphill.

Your genes may in fact contribute to your tendency to gain weight. They might also be shutting down your efforts to lose weight!

Right now, there’s nothing we can do to splice or change our DNA. Lifestyle changes can impact what genes get activated, but that’s as far as our knowledge goes.

Weight loss surgery may be your best option if your genes are causing your weight gain.

Are You Still Asking — Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Have you addressed the factors above already? Have you spent years asking ‘why can’t I lose weight’ without any new revelations? If this article was nothing but a review for you, then don’t lose hope.

Weight loss surgery is an option for those who can’t seem to shed those pounds in a natural way. There’s no need to waste your time on ineffective weight loss strategies any longer.

Do what feels right for you.

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