How Much Should I Spend on a Mattress for My College Freshman?


Did you know that the average college Freshman should get between 8 – 10 hours of sleep each night? A good night’s sleep is essential to the learning environment. Selecting the right mattress for your student is an important decision. 

Do you have a child going off to college? Want to send them off in comfort? Find the answer to, “How much should I spend on a mattress for my college kid?”

College Beds

To best determine what kind of mattress your college Freshman will need to know what their bed and sleeping situation will be like. Will your student be living in the dorm rooms or will they be moving into their own off-campus apartment? This is an important first question to get the answer to.

College beds can come in many different shapes and sizes. Different types of student housing come with a full bed, a bed frame, or nothing at all. 

Living in a Dorm

Is your child living in a dorm room this semester? They might have a bed included in their room already. Check with your student’s school to determine if you need to bring a mattress or a bed frame.

If your child’s dorm room comes with a bed and mattress already, you should consider purchasing a mattress topper to make the standard dorm mattress more comfortable. This is a great cost-effective way to make your student as comfortable as possible without breaking the bank.

If you’d like to swap out the standard dorm mattress that comes with the room make sure you store the school’s mattress out of harm’s way. This switch will allow your child to bring any type of mattress to the school that they want.

We suggest not spending a lot of money on this mattress since it will likely be a small and abnormal size like a Twin XL.

Living in an Off-Campus Apartment or House

Your student may be skipping dorm life and heading to an off campus apartment or house. Often times these college apartments will come with a bed frame. If the room comes with a bed frame, be sure to check the size of the mattress you’ll need to add to it.

Best Mattresses in a Box

If you need to buy a new mattress, buying a mattress in a box is a great idea. These companies provide mattress delivery in a box right to your door. It is a perfect service for delivering to your student’s new college address.

By ordering a mattress in a box, you won’t have to lug a mattress across your city, state, or even the country depending on where your college Freshman is going to school. Convenience is key with a mattress in a box. 

So How Much Should I Spend on a Mattress?

Are you still wondering, “how much should I spend on a mattress or my college kid?” Remember to keep costs effective, delivery convenient, but select a mattress with high quality. Treat your student to a dreamy night’s sleep. 

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3 years ago

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