Why Are More & More People Moving To Canada?


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You might have friends who have spoken about making this move, or you know of people who are crossing over to Canada. There’s been a stark influx of people immigrating to this large country in recent years, but why are so many individuals and families keen to live in Canada? What’s so special about the country compared to the US – or many other countries in the world? 

It turns out Canada has some very impressive qualities making it a fantastically desirable place to live…

Excellent quality of life

According to US News, Canada is the third-best country in the world for its quality of life. It’s comfortably the best place in North America, and only Sweden and Norway are above it. This is thanks to an amazing job market, a wonderfully stable economy, and plenty of family-friendly places to live. 

Canada is also one of the safest countries out there, which is impressive given how grand it is. The people are known to be very friendly, and all of this blends to create a wonderful quality of life for anyone living there. When you look at it like that, why wouldn’t you want to live in a country like this!?

Simple immigration rules

Unlike some countries around the world, Canada has a simplified immigration process. Anyone trying to get into the country will get a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score based on their application. This ranks people with skills and good education higher than others, putting them in an Express Entry pool to be fast-tracked into the country. 

You’ll find many websites offering an Express Entry Calculator to help you see where your score lines up, but other than this it’s not really a complicated system. If you prove you’re a valuable citizen who can contribute to Canadian society, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Easy to become a Canadian citizen

It won’t take long to become a fully-fledged Canadian citizen and benefit from everything this brings – like getting access to publicly-funded healthcare. Most countries make citizenship a challenge, but for wannabe Canadians, it’s a simple four-step process: 

  • Live in Canada for at least 3 years in the last 5 years
  • Prove your language proficiency in French or English
  • File income tax in Canada
  • Pass a citizenship test

That’s all it takes, so you can see why many people are tempted to move here. In as little as 3 years you will be a full Canadian citizen! 

The more you read about it, the more obvious it is why people are moving to Canada. It could be a life-changing decision – but is it right for you and your family? This isn’t the sort of decision you should make after reading a couple of blog posts! You’re better off planning a family vacation to experience Canada in the flesh. Spend a couple of weeks there or go back multiple times in the year and see how it feels. You might love the experience and the people, or you might realize it’s not the country for you.

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