Changing Your Spouse’s Name on Important Documents After Marriage


Marriage is an exciting milestone and one of the first tasks couples must undertake after making this life-altering commitment is to update their legal documents to reflect this new status. Though this can be exhausting, this blog can assist with this process. From adding your new partner’s name to insurance policies to updating house deeds and wills, we have everything covered.

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Name Game: Why It Is Important to Change Documents After Marriage

After you and your partner get married, important documents must reflect that change legally and ensure you both are recognized as part of a single legal unit. Failure to update documents could result in administrative hassles or worse yet, legal complications later on if left undone. Here is where to start:

Health Insurance: Protect Your Partner’s Future

One of the first documents you’ll want to update after getting married is your health insurance policy. By adding your spouse, you’ll ensure they’re covered for any medical needs they might have in the future. Generally, this can be accomplished by contacting your provider and inquiring as to their requirements. Some may need copies of your marriage certificate as proof. Pro Tip: Consider reviewing coverage options. Marriage can often be considered a life event that permits changes outside open enrollment period so this offers a perfect chance to evaluate what insurance needs might exist within.

Home Sweet Home: Updating the House Deed

If you own property, updating the deed to recognize their ownership rights and plan for future financial transactions or estate planning can be important. To do this, file either a Quit Claim Deed or deed of trust. Speak with an experienced real estate attorney first to determine the most efficient path. Be sure to have all paperwork notarized. Pro Tip: Informing lenders may also require updating records accordingly, they may need to update them with information regarding changes.

Right and Responsibilities: Revamp of Will

Updating your will is another important step toward protecting both parties in the event of your passing, to avoid legal disputes upon death. Consult an estate planning attorney in updating your will, living trust, or any other relevant documents. Be clear about your wishes when designating beneficiaries and make any necessary updates as needed. Pro Tip: Additionally, double-check all life insurance and retirement accounts that might benefit both of you as primary beneficiaries.

Financial Matters: Joint Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

Consolidating finances using joint bank accounts and credit cards can simplify and enhance transparency for you both. Most banks require both parties to be present when adding a spouse to an account. Usually this requires providing identification as well as your marriage certificate. 

Name Change Hustle: Social Security, Driver’s License and Passport 

When either spouse chooses to change their last name, this requires several changes to personal identification documents. Start with Social Security Administration updates before updating driver’s licenses and passports with marriage certificates, social security cards and forms of ID required as proof. Pro Tip: Do this sooner rather than later as having an identical name across legal documents can save a great deal of hassle later on.


Though changing your spouse’s name on legal documents might feel exhausting, its benefits more than make up for any paperwork headaches. Focus on one document at a time to keep this process manageable. Legal consultants and financial advisors can provide invaluable support during this journey. 

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