Top Tips for Unforgettable Family Vacations


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Traveling with kids is an adventure that opens up a whole new world of experiences for parents. While it can present a few unique challenges, it’s also an opportunity for discovery and growth, both for you and your little ones.

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. It’s all about taking control and getting creative to ensure your trip is safe, enjoyable, and stress-free for everyone. You’ve got this!

These tips are not just about making your trip easier; they’re about creating unforgettable family memories. They’re designed to help you make the most of your family travel experience, foster bonds, and create shared experiences that will last a lifetime.


Nowadays, there are many more accommodation options other than your basic hotel room. Hotel rooms typically aren’t fun for young children, and they can be extremely cramped and lack amenities. Depending on your destination or the reason for your trip, you can book furnished short term rentals for a home that gives you and your kids more space to relax and enjoy your new base for a while. You can book an Airbnb or an RV so you can stay on the road for longer trips or road trips, or you can seek out a villa at your resort over a hotel room, which is more likely to have more space and amenities for the family.


Embracing flexibility in your schedule is not just a suggestion, it’s a game-changer. It allows you to have more fun without the pressure. While it’s important to plan activities that everyone will enjoy, including parents, it’s equally crucial to avoid overloading your travel schedule, especially if the destination has climates different from those your children are used to. This approach can help you avoid the stress of trying to control every aspect of the trip, reducing the risk of burnout and tantrums from everyone in the group.

Be Realistic

It’s crucial to be realistic about your children’s behavior during the trip. Don’t overestimate what you can expect from them and put measures in place that allow them to still have their comforts and friends. They won’t magically turn into different children because you are away from home. In fact, the opposite could be true because they are in an unfamiliar place. So, drop all expectations and ensure that you’re all on the same page.

Take Home Comforts

Allowing children to take a few select things from home with them can help them have something familiar with them to ground themselves. Being away from home can be scary for some kids, and ensuring they’ve got something that brings them comfort can be extremely helpful in calming anxious children or keeping some semblance of normal life in place, even if the reality is our vacation is vastly different from home life. The easier you make it for your children to acclimate, the better your chances of having a really good vacation are.

Traveling as a family unit can allow you to create many unforgettable memories that you can all try for the right reasons, and these tips can help things run a little bit more smoothly.

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