Why are Conversion APIs Gaining Popularity?


As we have seen, the internet is constantly changing. Digital advertising has become one of the top ways to market to consumers. However, the spike in digital advertising has also triggered a response in consumer privacy. Prior to the alterations, ad networks used web pixels to collect essential data from users. With new restrictions and ad blockers, major networks are forced to come up with new ways to collect data in the digital advertising space. Facebook is one of the top networks who is working towards a solution. They have rolled out the Facebook Conversion API that encourages advertisers to do server-side tracking. With Facebook Conversion API, data that was lost from the restrictions of consumer privacy is being captured and managed directly by you as a business owner. With more control of data, Facebook Conversion API and other network conversion APIs are rising in popularity. 

Conversion API broken Down

A conversion API is a conversion tracking method where all your data is server-side instead of being managed and transferred by a third-party. They can receive the same as a web pixel such as website interactions, but also receive offline conversions and events of a customer’s journey. The biggest difference is that it isn’t affected by ad blockers and tracking restrictions like web pixels are. Facebook Conversion API gives more power to businesses with their data. Businesses can choose the different user activity and behavior that they want to share with Facebook for advertisements. This gives much more control on ad costs and the ability to target audiences more specifically. Other advertising platforms have created or are currently in the process of creating their own conversion APIs to make up for the effect privacy changes have had on networks. 

No Limits

With conversion APIs not being affected as much by privacy restrictions, there really isn’t much limit on the data you can collect or send. Web pixels only capture third-party data, but conversion APIs allow you to own the data yourself. When you own the data without being restricted to browser events and website interactions, the sky’s the limit. You are no longer reliant on third-party cookies and client-side tracking for data. This type of tracking is limited to online events, only giving glimpses of users and customers. With conversion APIs, you can get much more information on users outside of web interactions.

Conversion APIs and web Pixels

If you use web pixels now, you don’t have to completely eliminate them for conversion APIs. Web pixels and conversion APIs can be used simultaneously to send client-side and server-side data. Facebook Conversion API eliminates duplicate conversion events so the events aren’t counted twice. Then, you can view how well Facebook is matching the data you provided through their Events Manager and Ads Manager features.

Leveraging conversion APIs is Getting Easier

The problem with conversion APIs is the level of engineering and amount of time necessary to adopt them. Web pixels were easy to adopt. They only require embedding a code on top of your front-end codebase. However, there are now high tech options to help leverage conversion APIs. With data being collected server-side, this means your data warehouse is the source of conversion data. From the warehouse, conversion data is synced to conversion APIs using Reverse ETL. Reverse ETL allows for your business teams to access the data being sent from the data warehouse to various applications your teams use. Before, this process used to be time-consuming and especially difficult. Now, you can own and use your data with the use of conversion APIs through different implementation options. 

Enriched Data

With your data warehouse storing loads of data on consumers, your business is able to tap into data enrichment. Data enrichment is enhancing your data and using it to make actionable business decisions. More data on consumers gives you a full picture of a customer and how to best connect with them. Your business teams no longer have to accept the loss of data from privacy restrictions. They can have access to behavioral, demographic, and geographic enriched data that helps create personalized customer experiences for users. The more customer information you receive through conversion APIs, the higher your Event Match Quality Score is. A higher score gives you a better rate of attribution and optimized ad delivery. It also decreases costs per action for advertisements.

Access to all Data

Web pixels were easy to implement and provided data for businesses before privacy restrictions increased. Now, ad networks are offering conversion APIs for server-side tracking so that you own your data. Conversion APIs aren’t limited by third-party cookies and ad blockers. Instead, data is collected online and offline and stored in your data warehouse. Your business can then have access to that data and make better informed decisions for the company. It won’t be long before every platform will be offering conversion APIs.

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