WhizRider Is The Car Seat That Fits In Your Pocket!


Have you ever traveled with children that need car seats? It is incredibly inconvenient. You either check it before your flight or you drag it through the airport. Then drag it through the airplane to your seat to then set up and get your kid in it. The trouble continues when you arrive at your destination and have to do it all in reverse and then get it in a taxi. These are just a few issues that WhizRider has helped to alleviate. 

Two dads created WhizRider. It is the smallest car seat EVER! It can literally fit in your pocket. No joke! I know that this seems like a weird concept, something so small can keep your kids safe. It actually adheres to the U.S. federal regulation standards. As you probably know the U.S. has the highest safety standards in the world. Now one thing to keep in mind with this as that in Connecticut, Kentucky, Mississipi, New Jersey, and Ohio are 5 states that this belt restraint does not adhere to. That is because these states require the car seat to be elevated. Otherwise, it meets all the standards for those states. 

Some people live in a busy city and there are taxis and carpooling. They are in and out of vehicles. So it is inconvenient to be carrying around a bulky car seat. Not just that, if it is at night on a busy street it is unsafe. One thing the WhizRider does come with is reflectors for at night! I mean, how neat is that? It is all around safety! 

You may be wondering how it works. That is easy. The WhizRider is a harness system. It anchors the seatbelt into the best position for safety. There is an upper clip that holds the shoulder belt away from neck and face preventing injury. Then there are leg loops that prevent the child from sliding out from underneath the lap belt. 

WhizRider has two sizes available

  • Small
    • Age: 3 years or older
      Height: 37.5 to 49 inches (95 to 125 cm)
      Weight: 30 to 55 lbs (15 to 25 kg)
      Chest Diameter: 25 inches (64 cm) or smaller
  • Large
    • Age: 6 years or older
      Height: 47 to 57 inches (120 to 145 cm)
      Weight: 47 to 80 lbs (22 to 36 kg)
      Chest Diameter: 30 inches (76 cm) or smaller

Right now, live on Indigogo you can get WhizRider 45% off! I am a sucker for a good deal. The best part is it is a safety feature I think a lot of parents should have. Works great for travel, carpooling, and pickups from school and you don’t have to lug around that inconveniently large car seat! I love those two dad’s Andy and Dani made this! How amazing is that? Just two dudes trying to think of safety and convenience. I am sold on it! 

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GiGi Eats
3 years ago

I got SUPER excited for a minute, but my son is only 6 months, so… BIG BULKY car seat will be his things until he’s 3! haha! This is such a GENIUS idea though, I need to let my sister know about it!!

Fae Celine
3 years ago

this would really be informative and be of great help to parents that are traveling with their children

Jeenu Pillai
Jeenu Pillai
3 years ago

What an absolutely genius idea! I need to inform my friends who face similar issue. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Gervin Khan
Gervin Khan
3 years ago

My niece is currently facing this kind of issue and choosing a right car seat for the kids are so difficult. Gladly, I was able to read this and I will share this with her for me to help her to resolve her problem.

Ogbugbu Ejiroghene
3 years ago

this sound very good but i think it will be better for toddlers.

3 years ago

safety always comes first. Car sists are kids are a must! And if it doesn’t rob you it makes it perfect! Very nicely written review too

3 years ago

Very interesting concept. I can see this being very useful if your travelling. So instead of bringing the big carseat just bring this.

Patricia Martin
3 years ago

What a great alternative for kid 3 and older, I wish I knew about this when my daughter was younger, it would have saved me some stress at airports.

Lavern Moore
Lavern Moore
3 years ago

This seems revolutionary compared to the old bulky car seats. I imagine the kids are more apt to use this too.

Kathy Kenny Ngo
3 years ago

Whoa! I need this soon in my life! I love that it’s not bulky but remains safe. I would have to wait for 3 or 4 more years before I can use one on my soon to be born baby.

Catherine Santiago Jose
Catherine Santiago Jose
3 years ago

I have never used a car seat for my kids because it’s too big and heavy for me to carry so I think this is the perfect one for me so handy and look so safe.

3 years ago

This is such a great idea! I’m going to have to look into this for my kids!

3 years ago

Such a great idea..! It would be really helpful, I would share to this to anybody who have the same issues.

2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this information regarding car seats. I really found this very interesting. And your blog about car seat mistakes is also very helpful.