Whip Up A Garlic Chicken Meal In 15 Minutes From Birds Eye!


Since kids are back in school, hubby is back at work, and the holidays are long gone, it’s time to find some quick and easy meals to prepare.

Look like Birds Eye has just what the meal doctored ordered with their 15 minute Full Lineup of Skillet Meals.

Mom’s can now prepare a quick, tasty, veggie meal for the entire family. I know for me, sometimes it’s hard getting my children to eat certain veggies but the way Birds Eye have created these Voila skillet meals, mom’s all over the world will have many serving option for their kids.

Just think, a whole meal cooked within 10-15 minutes and the first one that came to mind for me was the Garlic Chicken Voila skillet meal!


Garlic Chicken

Now, I love anything that has to do with garlic and believe it or not garlic is healthy for you. This skillet meal package will have everything you need to preparing a delicious dinner dish! Pasta in a garlic sauce, grilled seasoned white chicken with broccoli, corn and carrots. Get ready to taste a flavor of sauces, seasoning, and veggies on a whole new level of mouthwatering taste!

You can add a toss salad to this dish, chicken broth to make a healthy soup, or serve with whole grain bread to make this meal even fuller! You can also make this dish and add a nice dessert for afterwards so many options to creating a good meal with one of these Birds Eye  Skillet Meals.

  • Shrimp Scampi

    A complete meal in 10 minutes. Tender shrimp and linguini pasta mixed with garden peas and red & yellow bell peppers in a garlic butter sauce. Taste the Difference! With fresh frozen shrimp.

    Shrimp Scampi

  • Beef Lo Mein

    A complete meal in 10 minutes. Traditional lo mein with tender beef, bok choy, onion strips and shoe string carrots. Taste the difference!

    Beef Lo Mein

  • Chicken Parmesan

    New & Improved! A delicious entrée in 10 minutes. Breaded tender white meat chicken, penne pasta and roma tomatoes in a marinara sauce. Taste the difference! Authentic Italian style flavor.

    Chicken Parmesan

  • Sweet & Sour Chicken

    A complete meal in 10 minutes. White rice and tender chicken in a sweet and sour sauce with julienne carrots, red and green peppers, diced pineapple and onion strips. Taste the difference!

    Sweet & Sour Chicken

    Again you can visit Birdseye website to see more delicious skillet meals, I’m sure you too will find a few that will make a great dish for the entire family! Mom, life has just gotten a little simpler for you and the family because of these yummy, delightful skillet meals from Birds Eye!



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