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Halloween is a great time to show off your creative side. Sure, you can buy a ready-made costume, but half the fun of Halloween is creating your own unique crafted props and costume accessories. I love to browse Pinterest and Instagram for great costume ideas, or choose a character from my favorite movie or TV show, before sitting down to figure out how I can DIY that costume at home.

Whether you’re stuck for inspiration for your costume this year, or have a great idea and now need the materials, consider the following stores for sourcing all you need this Halloween to make an amazing and unforgettable costume.

  • Costume Stores: One of the best costume sites also with plenty of local stores is www.spirithalloween.com. They stock a huge range of ready-made costumes along with lots of props, accessories, contact lenses and makeup to enhance your homemade costume. Even if you’re planning to make your own costume, browse for inspiration and pick up props and craft materials to enhance your own homemade costume.
  • Art Stores: For a creative mine, wandering around an art store can providing inspiration for projects you might not have otherwise dreamed of. Visit your local art supplies store, to sample the textures, prints, colors, inks, paints, canvases, papers and craft supplies for making your Halloween decorations, props and party favours.
  • Haberdashery Stores: Great for cotton, wool, sewing materials, fabrics, craft supplies, glue, glitter, ribbon, sequins and much more. Anything you need to sew yourself a costume can be found at a haberdashery store. Make this year the year you make costumes for your kids, or tackle an advantageous costume of your own! Be inspired by fabrics in a store and take a little time to make your own. Sewing machine required.
  • Hardware Stores: Need some serious decorations? Need to fabricate parts of your costume from metal or wood? Then you’ll need to visit a hardware store. Stands, props, paint, lighting, plastic or metal moving parts for your costume can be made with tools and materials from the hardware store.
  • Thrift Stores: Second hand stores can have some amazing finds. Whether it’s a perfect prop, or a piece of costume clothing, or some vintage pieces that fit your character, check your local stores for things you could never have dreamed of finding. I once found an antique bronze genie lamp for a few dollars that was absolutely perfect for an Aladdin costume.
  • Discount stores: If you’re intended on destroying or only wearing your costume once, then consider buying it as cheaply as possible. Zombie costumes will ultimately be covered in paint and fake blood, so buy cheap white t-shirts and pants—the kind that don’t cost more than $10 dollars but will do the trick. Discount stores are often a treasure trove of cheap, useful props, makeup and clothing.

Tips: Don’t forget: Sponges and brushes for makeup. White face paint (non-toxic) to make yourself look ghoulish and spooky. Fake blood, temporary hair dye for hair or clothing, and extra makeup to take with you to touch-up during the night.

Happy Halloween! Have fun creating your own unique costume!

Halloween Spirit are your one-stop shop for everything Halloween, from freaky and fun costumes for adults and kids, through to hats, masks, accessories and oodles of spooky fun.

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