When to Clean Your Carpets


Does vacuuming alone can count as carpet cleaning? If you believe vacuuming the dust and blotting the stains with water once in a while is enough to keep your carpets clean and healthy, then you are wrong.

There might be germs secretly attacking and mold growing deep within the carpet bedding that your eyes may overlook.

Dry vacuuming is not enough. Steam cleaning and blotting stains with water are also not sufficient. What you need is a professional anchor carpet cleaning service every 6 to 12 months based on your place, environment, and foot traffic.

Deep carpet cleaning is the only way to keep your carpets and your health in good condition.

What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Carpets?

One of the best ways to keep your home allergy-free is by sanitizing the indoor air quality. An unclean and unkempt carpet can worsen the indoor air quality by eight to ten times than outdoor air quality.

Partially damp and greasy carpets can trigger mold growth within 48 hours. Mold is extremely harmful, which can contaminate the air you inhale and cause your various respiratory ailments, such as asthma and allergies.

Dirty and dingy carpets can also cause skin allergies and trigger mildew growth, not to mention give away a bad odor and to agitate the mood.

Scheduled deep cleaning is essential when you have pets and kids around, and if you live in a traffic prone area.


So When Exactly Should You Clean Your Carpets?

The answer to this question relies on your home and circumstances. Some of the points that you must consider before determining the time of your carpet cleaning are:

  • The size of your household
  • Number smokers residing in your home
  • Number of kids and pets, if any
  • Members who have allergies
  • Frequency of foot traffic (light, medium, or heavy)


If the foot traffic of the household is light, you can do away with vacuuming once in a week and deep cleaning once in 18 months. This ratio changes if you have pets, kids, and smokers living in. In case of kids and pets, you must get your carpets professionally cleaned once in a year for sure.

If the foot traffic is medium, you must dry-vacuum your carpets two to three times a week, with cleaning up spills and stains immediately and get it deep cleaned once in 6 and 10 months.

If the foot traffic is very heavy and if you have pets, kids, and smokers, you should vacuum your carpets every day and get it deep cleaned once in 4 to 6 months.

Tip: Do not vacuum too fast. Vacuum slowly so that the vibration loosens the particles from the carpet fibers and sucks them up easily.

You must make sure that only certified professional carpet cleaners clean the carpets, for they follow a step-by-step process to identify different stains, molds, and quality of carpets before cleaning them with right solution and technique.

While vacuuming can take care of your weekly maintenance, deep cleaning once in a year will restore your carpets’ life, improve the health of beings, and remove stains and spills, further beautifying the look of your carpets.

Anchor carpet cleaning’s deep-cleaning techniques use modern technology and trained technicians to remove deep-rooted stains, particles, germs, mold, allergens, blood, soil, and other hazardous and dirty materials.

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