4 Super Fast Spring Cleaning Tips For Moms


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When you’re responsible for an entire family, it’s sometimes difficult to ensure you stay on top of your cleaning routine, which is precisely the reason why I’m taking the time to write this article today. All the spring cleaning tips listed in this post are guaranteed to speed up the process and free up more time to help the kids with their homework. At the end of the day, a clean home is a happy home, so unless you’re willing to put the effort in now, this could lead to further, more significant issues in the future.


So, if you’ve been avoiding the scourer for far too long, give me your full attention for a moment, and I’ll do my best to make your life a little bit easier. Of course, if you’re just too busy to cope with the standard routine at the moment, you could contact a specialist recruitment agency like www.hutchinsons-staff.com and have them send over some hired help. It might cost you a little bit of money to do this, but you’re guaranteed to have a sparkling home afterwards.


1 – Tackling The Bathroom


If you don’t want to spend money on lots of different cleaning products, you’ll be glad to know most people have items in their home that perform just as well. Grab yourself half a grapefruit, cover it in salt and attack all the problem areas in your bathroom. You should notice this concoction works better than most of the cleaning products available on today’s market anyway. Also, ensure you thoroughly clean the floor, especially if it’s tiled. This will help to ensure your home smells fresh, and people aren’t walking hair and dust through your home.


2 – Tackling The Dining Room


Most people think the fastest way of cleaning a dining room is to simply use pre made cleaning products. However, this isn’t necessarily true. You can make your own wood polish using a lemon, some olive oil and a tablespoon of water if the mood takes you. Alternatively, a friend of mind simply heads down there with a hair dryer and blows the room clean. Each to his own, right?


3 – Tackling The Living Room


As you spend so much time in this area of your home, it makes sense that you ensure it’s always looking fresh. Again, you can use your homemade polish for all the wooden units and even your fireplace. Just make sure you buy a remote control tidy or something similar so you never lose those clickers in the middle of Eastenders again.


4 – Tackling The Kitchen


You can attack the kitchen in much the same way you did the bathroom. On top of this, it’s also wise to remove all drawers and shelves from your fridge to give the appliance a good clean. Over time, small bits and crumbs of food will have accumulated inside, and this is obviously dangerous in a place where you’re keeping all your fruit and veg.


I’ve got to head off now and help my kids with some homework, but I hope you found this article both interesting and useful. Good luck with the cleaning routine. As with anything else in this life, things are never as bad as they seem once you’ve made a start.


See you back here soon!

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