Let The Penny Pack Help Introduce the Topic of Periods


When your daughter starts to change it is a big deal. The earlier we talk about periods the easier it will become. Though as most mothers I struggled with how to broach the subject at all. It can seem scary to them and you want to make it not as scary. The Penny Pack can do all of that for you! 

Every girl deserves the chance to be confident and ready for their period. Some people treat it as something that is not spoken about, and that is not fair to these girls. The Penny Pack opens the dialogue for them to ask any question they need to. 

The Penny Pack is a includes fully-stocked readiness pack that includes:

  • 100% Organic Cotton Products
  • The Girl’s Guide
  • Penny Pack App Access
  • There’s Something New About You
  • Personalized handwritten note on your behalf

There’s Something New About You is a coming of age book that has been highly acclaimed. It comes from the team at Girlology. Written by award-winning doctors Melisa Holmes, MD and Trish Hutchison, MD. There is a cast of characters that are going through the same thing that your daughter is and will help them feel more normal. 

Changing like that can leave you feeling out of control. The Penny Pack will help them regain that control and know there is nothing wrong with them. Make period talk normal and engage with your children. Let them have control and know what is coming. 

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Eileen M Loya
4 years ago

This is a nice way to help young girls understand the changes going on in their bodies. My parents did not discuss this with me and the first time I had my period, I thought I was about to die! Times have truly changed.

Viano Dee
4 years ago

I remember when I first had mine. My mum put me through and quite frankly, it didn’t feel awkward.

4 years ago

This is great for young girls to have in addition to the “talk”. I know that single dads would love these too as it’s a topic they’re very awkward to talk about.

Samantha Donnelly
4 years ago

What a lovely idea, I wish this was around when I was talking to my Daughter about this. She hated the idea but she sailed through her first one so must have done a good job x

Jaana McEntee
4 years ago

This pack is such a great & so cute idea! I can see how it would be welcomed in so many families, especially when dads raising girls it can be so awkward conversation to have..

Katherine Gamble
4 years ago

This is such a cute concept. It is a beautiful way for girls to understand what their bodies are doing as they mature. I will try to introduce this to my soon to be teenage niece!

Melanie williams
Melanie williams
4 years ago

What a lovely simple way to introduce girls to periods. So much nicer than the talk and easier for them to ask questions after xx