What you should know about rooftop hvac systems


HVAC systems are powerful air conditioning units that are mainly used to heat and ventilate homes, offices and industrial complexes. In recent years, rooftop HVAC units have grown in popularity because of their compact, uncomplicated design. These units were initially designed for urban environments where buildings are built closely together. 

Apart from heating and cooling a building, rooftop HVAC units can integrate humidistats to help regulate humidity levels. A typical rooftop HVAC mainly consists of a thermostat, fans, compressors and coils. If you’re looking to install a rooftop HVAC unit in your firm or apartment complex, check out NexGen HVAC & Plumbing for the best HVAC systems.

Here are 6 things you should know about rooftop hvac systems:


  • They are flexible and scalable


One unique feature of rooftop hvac units is their scalability. They are modular systems, meaning that you can install additional elements if desired. In case you need to redesign your rooftop space, the HVAC modules can conveniently be redistributed in varying locations to suit your preference. This design will largely depend on the heating requirements of your particular building. Don’t forget to adjust the thermostat to your preferred temperature – this will cool or warm the air within your home or office as needed.


  • They are simple and compact


Ground-level HVAC systems consume a lot of land space, making them unsuitable for cluttered neighborhoods. Rooftop units, on the other hand, are compact and can easily be fitted onto any rooftop without taking up too much space. RTUs combine both cooling and heating components, packaging them in a single unit. This space-friendly setup provides ample ground space that can be utilized for extra parking, outdoor patios, attractive landscaping and future expansions. If you have limited space, installing a rooftop HVAC system might be your best option.


  • Optimized energy performance


Most traditional HVAC units have high energy expenditure demands. However, rooftop HVACs come with advanced features and technologies that not only enhance their performance but also save energy. Some rooftop HVAC units are equipped with variable air volume controls that either increase or lower fan speeds to adjust airflow within the building. As seasons change, so does the ambient temperature and humidity levels. Rooftop HVAC systems come with thermostats that are fitted inside the building. These efficient thermostats can be adjusted to the desired temperature to ensure that each room remains warm or cool.


  • Less susceptible to damage and dirt


Another interesting feature of rooftop HVAC units is their immunity to grime and damage. Ground-level HVACs are highly vulnerable to contamination by dust, mud, plant debris and other pollutants. More importantly, they are easily accessible to anyone who makes a concerted effort to reach them. This increases the risk of theft and vandalism, which is a major letdown. Remarkably, rooftop HVAC systems are harder to access since they’re situated on a highly raised platform (the roof). This isolation helps to trifle any attempts at pilferage or vandalism. In addition, rooftop units stay cleaner and damage-free for longer, lowering repair costs.


  • They cause lower noise pollution


Early HVAC models used to make significantly loud noise when operating. The evaporative coolers and fans of some archaic HVACs could reach noise levels of 82 decibels. Although recent design improvements have drastically improved the noise performance of modern HVAC units, some of these systems still produce discernable noise. Impressively, rooftop HVAC systems are usually installed out of earshot, eliminating any chances of noise pollution. These units contribute to a serene, racket-free living or working environment. If your commercial HVAC unit creates low-frequency vibrations that disrupt employees or neighbors, it’s important to replace it with a more efficient rooftop HVAC unit.


  • Rooftop HVAC units are easy to maintain


Every HVAC system requires regular maintenance to avert any possible mechanical issues and keep it functioning in tiptop condition. Rooftop units should be scheduled for maintenance twice or thrice a year to optimize efficiency and obviate excessive wear and tear. Since all their modules are situated on the rooftop, it’s easy for a technician to access, clean and repair the HVAC quickly. Simple maintenance tasks such as cleaning up the fins and replacing worn-out filters should be conducted at least once per month. 

Apart from being remarkably energy efficient, rooftop HVAC systems are less expensive than their ground-level counterparts. Their compact design and remarkable performance make them highly suitable for big cities and urban settings. In terms of power options, rooftop systems can either utilize electricity or natural gas.

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Amar Kumar
4 years ago

Hey Ladonna,

When it comes to providing heating and air conditioning to commercial or residential spaces, the most popular option is the packaged rooftop unit.

Modern rooftop HVAC units are available in higher efficiencies than other types of commercial cooling and heating.

Thanks for your wonderful ideas.

~ Amar Kumar

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