What to Do When You Have to Downsize


Sometimes, life happens. You might be parents with kids who have left the nest, a senior who doesn’t need too much space anymore, or you might simply have to change your way of living and spending money. Whatever your reason for downsizing your home, you should view it as a great opportunity. Saving money and space and focusing on what really matters is a great lifestyle change to make, and downsizing your home will help you to do just that. Here are a few tips to help you through the process.

Talk to Professionals

If you’re buying or renting a smaller home, getting into contact with people who really know how it’s done is a great step to take. Downsizing with Move Coordinators will ensure that all aspects of your move are taken care of, and you’ll be able to get assistance in planning what items will make it to the new space and which won’t. You’ll also get assistance with the process of getting rid of the items which won’t be needed anymore, through disposal, donation or resale. 

Be Cut-Throat

Sentimentality (or simply hoarding) can get in the way of letting go of certain items. While there can always be room for certain special belongings, downsizing might require you to get a little cut-throat about what can stay and what can’t. Making these decisions might be hard and you will most likely have to let go of a few things that you hold dear, but try to keep in mind that it will be for the greater good and the benefits of a decluttered and organised space will be well worth it. 

A Fresh Start

Thinking of your downsizing as a positive change is an important part of the process. Viewing the change as a fresh start can make things feel exciting and like something to look forward to – as it should be! You might have the opportunity to sell some items you no longer need and put the money towards items that will better suit your new minimalist lifestyle or make you happy in other ways. 

Plan Ahead

Measuring out your furniture as well as the space in your new home will help you to determine what will make it to the new place and what won’t. If you do hire professional help, this will be something that they will help you with, but if you decide to take on the challenge on your own, it’s important to be aware of what changes you might need to make. Suddenly realizing a little too late that you’ll need a whole new sofa is going to be a knock to your budget and a stressful curve to navigate.

Do it Slowly

Pacing yourself and taking everything step by step will make the entire process easier. The earlier you can start, the better. This will give you the opportunity to work through your home room by room or category by category. Attempting to get rid of 30% of everything you own in one week will cause you unnecessary stress and you probably won’t do a very good job. 

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