The Family Home: Declutter your Life


As your family grows, the home can begin to feel small. You may feel like you can’t walk through a room without tripping over toys or running into furniture. There are many different ways that families attempt to clear the clutter. It is not easy, however, to make decisions on what you need to get rid of. You may also consider some renovations to make more space. The first order of business is to get things out of the way so people can stop feeling cramped, which can lead to a lot of stress.

Get Organized

 Sometimes even small amounts of stuff can become overwhelming when there is nowhere for it to go. When you have kids, things seem to accumulate faster than you can get it put away. Take a day to do an inventory of everything that seems to end up on your floors and counters. Categorize it a make a list of types of containers you need to organize it. It might be as simple as adding some shelving in the kid’s rooms or living room. If your child has 100 miniature dinosaurs or toy cars, get some matching baskets or large plastic jars. Once you get everything contained, you can begin to see what you do not need.


 When you are going through a home renovation or move, your home can seem even more crowded. You may have items from two or three rooms crammed into one. Many people choose to make use of self-storage facilities during this time. These come with a monthly charge and can hold both large and small items. You can bring your items back home as soon as the renovation is over. Storage facilities often have vans or trucks available to transport your items. Storage units in Tulsa are available to help you with this situation.

Make Some Money

 It can be motivating to make a little money off of unwanted items. Gather things that have not been used in several months and have a garage sale. You may find that the kids do not even miss half the toys they leave in the back of the closet. Many people keep their old clothes in case they lose weight later on. This can make it impossible to find anything in the closet. Pack down a few of your favorites and let go of the rest. You can have fun going on a shopping spree when you reach your target weight. You can also put items online if you have expensive things that may auction well.

When you are trying to get your home organized, it can help to simply get things out of the way so you can begin to feel less stressed. As you are going through your items, pack them into boxes to get them off of the floor and counters. Go through one box at a time and find space for the items. If you are renovating you can make use of a self-storage facility temporarily. Many people also use these when moving. Don’t just throw things away, make a little cash by selling extra items. Use the money to buy things to help you stay organized.

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