Tips To Protect Your Eyes While Gaming


It’s important to know how to protect your eyes from gaming. The degree to which you need to protect your eyes depends of course upon how many hours you spend a day playing. If you’re spending several hours a day in front of the computer or TV (and don’t forget that many of us have jobs in which we stare at a computer screen all day), then it’s just common sense to want to protect your eyes from damage.


Health experts suggest taking a break over 45 minutes to an hour. This includes getting up, walking around, staring at things that are at a distance, and just giving your eyes the time they need to readjust to the real world.


This is one thing you can, but there are other measures you can take.


Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes

Damaging your eyes from constant gameplay without interruption can have such consequences as headaches, dry eyes, squinting, problems with focusing, and more.


You can avoid these problems by taking regular breaks, but also by keeping some of these tips in mind:


  • Take a moment during a gaming session to look away from the screen, and blink your eyes several times. This will give your eyes some much-needed lubrication.
  • Studies have proven that greenery can do wonders for relaxing the eyes. Try to take a moment while playing to glance at things like plants and trees.
  • Get a prescription for artificial tears. This can help keep your eyes moistened.
  • Take your focus away from the game for a moment, and try to direct your gaze towards something that’s at a distance.
  • Face the screen directly, and make sure the screen is not at angle. This gives both eyes equal footing while you play.
  • Ever try some eye-strengthening exercises? It’s easy to do things like roll your eyes, focus on your nose and then the area in the middle of your eyebrows, and shift your eye from left to right.
  • Find out from a qualified eye doctor if you might need glasses specifically designed for gaming.
  • Rub your palms together, press them against your eyes, and hold this position for at least a couple of minutes. The warmth from your hands will work to relax the muscles in your eyes.
  • Eyeglasses are preferable to contacts while playing.


Keep Your Eyes Healthy

All of these tips for how to keep your eyes healthy are not difficult to integrate into your daily gaming. Marathon gaming sessions have become the norm in recent years, particularly with online gaming. One of the first things to feel the effects of long periods of playing without interruption will almost certainly be your eyes.


The beauty of these eye care tips is that none of them are going to interfere with your game. They’re easy to remember, and you won’t lose a step no matter what you’re into. If anything your game will only get better while playing.

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