You Get what you pay for when you buy HDMI cables


You Get what you pay for when you buy HDMI cables


Most people did not even know what an HDMI was until a few years ago because it was still a relatively new technology. Nowadays it is not uncommon to even hear your grandpa Joe talking about how his favourite fishing show looks so much better and clearer with his HDMI television. With HDMI becoming a norm in most every household, it comes as no surprise that a lot of electronic companies are boasting that their gadgets and gear will deliver you the best picture for the dollar. Going the cheapest route and buying subpar components for your HDMI system will unfortunately be the path for quite a few uninformed people. However, one can make a much better decision about the products they buy if they would do a little research.

An example is a person who scours the web and finds an HDMI cable that is only a few dollars, and they buy it because it seems to be as good as an expensive one. They get it home, plug it in, and they now have picture from their video source to their television. Later they will need to move their stuff around for any number of reasons. They hook their cheapo cord back up, and wham! It doesn’t work anymore. Why? The cheaper cords may seem okay at first, but in reality they are cheaper because their wires are like threads. Plus they will make your home cinema system look bad. The solder points are very small due to this and will break with only the slightest movement. More expensive cables will deliver you a crisp picture the first time you connect them, and for many years thereafter.


Buying cheap cables could leave you with a blank screen during the big finale of one of your favourite shows, so be sure to invest a little more into something that will bring you years of enjoyment. After all who wants that when they are watching one of the very best shows on TV or a video streaming system such as Netflix?

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