What Are the Most Common Causes of Domestic Violence?


24 people per minute find themselves the victims of domestic violence, which leaves people wondering what the causes of domestic violence are. No one should have to face violence at the hands of anyone, whether it’s a stranger or their partner.

We’re going to detail some of the most common causes of domestic violence for you because the best way to fight against it is to educate yourself about it.

Continue reading this brief domestic violence guide from end to end to find out all the answers that you’ve been looking for.

Need For Control

One of the leading causes of domestic violence in marriage is the abusers need to control situations. There are a variety of ways that they can use to exert control over their victim.

For example, if the abuser is the sole breadwinner for the family, they may withhold funds from their victim, forcing them to rely on the abuser for everything that they need. And even when they need something, they have to plead and beg to get it.

Another way to exert control is to threaten the victim and brainwash them into thinking that if they ever escape their close family and friends will be hurt or even worse killed. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you need a defense lawyer to help you escape the situation and get your power back.

Childhood Traumas

Another reason that domestic violence may occur is if the abuser was exposed to violence during their childhood. If they witness people close to them exhibiting this behavior, they may grow up and think domestic violence is normal.

As they continue to grow into adulthood, they will begin acting out these same behaviors and actions with their partners. These actions may get worse with each relationship.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Some people claim that when their loved one is under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they are a completely different person. Because of the way that drugs and alcohol affect the user’s brain, it can cause them to become irritable and to react with extreme anger.

In situations where a person abuses drugs, they won’t be able to control their angry outbursts. They will take their heir anger out on their partner. Whether that means abusing them verbally, emotionally, physically, or a combination of all three.

Regardless of what the reason is, domestic violence is never okay. And no one deserves to be abused by anyone, especially the people that are supposed to love and protect them.

Causes of Domestic Violence Aren’t Excuses

When it comes to understanding the causes of domestic violence, you must understand that they aren’t excuses. Domestic violence should never happen. But unfortunately, it happens to millions of people daily worldwide.

We hope this article provided you with the information you need, and you can begin to take a stand against domestic violence. For more information or for general topics to read, scroll through our blog section.

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