What to Do With an Old Beater Car: 5 Options


Are you pulling your hair out trying to decide what to do with an old beater car?

You have an old car that just sits there, staring through one intact headlight, mocking you. It’s been there for God knows how long and all the while looking so, there are no other words to describe it, ugly. After you’ve given your house a makeover and everything, that junker is totally out of place and ruining the picture you envisioned.

Why not make money off of it?

You may be wondering, who would buy that piece of sh- err scrap metal? You’ll be surprised by the number of interested parties. There’s always a market for used cars, whether they run or not.

Here are some of your options if you want to get rid of that beater.

  1. What to Do With an Old Car: Sell It

You can go about this in two ways, you can either sell it as is or sell it after fixing it up a little.

If your car still runs then that’s good, you might be able to sell it quicker. Look up the value of your used car on websites like Kelley Blue Book.

If you have the know-how and some budget, try fixing it up a little before listing it for sale. Focus on jobs that affect the performance and appearance of your car. You should be able to get a better price after the repairs are done.

Even if the car doesn’t run anymore and is in a terrible condition, you can still find buyers online. Some might be looking for that specific model for DIY projects.

  1. Trade It in for a New Vehicle

If you’re looking to replace it anyway, why not trade it in with a dealer. Most dealerships will still give you money for it, whatever condition it’s in. They see it as a business opportunity to get you to purchase one of their vehicles from their stock.

Make sure to shop around to get the best deal for your beater car.

  1. Sell off Individual Parts

This works best if you can pick apart the car yourself to save on labor costs. While your car as a whole may not be worth much, some gems might be hiding and you just have to pluck them out. In some cases, buyers might pay more for valuable parts than they would for the whole car!

  1. Junk Your Old Beater Car

A vehicle in it’s crappiest state still has value to salvage yards. You can get quick cash for junk cars if you’re willing to scrap it.

Again, you should call up different junkyards to get the best price. The salvage yards will ask you details about your car to come up with an offer. Be ready to provide them with information such as the car model, make, if it still runs, etc.

  1. Donate It

In this case, there’s no financial recompense, just a whole lot of goodwill. If it’s still working (and safe to drive), you can give it to a relative who’s in need of a ride.

You can also donate your junker to charity and you might even earn a tax deduction!

You Can Still Get Something for Your Old Car

Your old beater car isn’t, in any way, impossible to sell. You can get paid as long as you can put in the effort.

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