Looking After Your Windshield


There are many aspects to your vehicle that need to be monitored and looked after. You may spend time checking your tire tread depths, filling them with air, and monitoring your oil levels. You might even be proud of your vehicle and spend many a day keeping it clean and polished, inside, and out. 

Looking after your windshield can help keep it in good condition. While smears can be wiped, and chips can be manageable, cracks can cause irreversible damage and lead you to needing a replacement windshield at Aviva

Preventative measures are much better than fixing a problem that could have been avoided. Taking care of your windshield now will help to keep you safe and save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Take Care of Chips

Windscreen chips may look small and unassuming. All it takes is a severe change in weather, a bump in the road, or a few more chips and your windscreen may crack or shatter. A trained professional can fill windscreen chips in as little as under an hour, meaning you won’t need to partake in risky driving with obvious cracks. These appointments can be booked in a variety of places. Some windscreen filling companies will have stations in large superstore car parks, while others may allow you to go to their store. Certain companies may also travel to you at work or home to carry out the repair. You may be able to claim for this procedure as part of your car insurance, however, this will differ depending on your company or policy. 

Remove all Snow

Winter weather can bring large bouts of snow. Removing that, and any ice, from your windscreen can help to keep it clear and improve your safety. When doing this, it is vital that you use a method that will not harm the condition of your windshield. You must not use any hot water, as this may shatter the glass. Likewise, anything rough, such as sandpaper, cannot be used on ice in case it wears through onto the screen itself. One option would be to mix vinegar with cool water and spray that onto the windshield. The acidity of this concoction can help to melt ice and snow. You can also spray this on if ice and snow are likely, as the vinegar will help to stop any ice from forming in the first place. Salt and rubbing alcohol are two other perfectly safe ways to remove ice and snow from your vehicle without causing any damage. It is key to note that these methods may not be suitable if you have not repaired any aforementioned chips, as they may weaken the structure.

Keeping your windshield safe is more than simply keeping it clear. You must check it, and other windows, regularly to inspect for damage. The cost of chip repair is minimal compared to the cost of a replacement windshield. 

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