Vacation Tip Guide: What Happens When It Rains?


Just picture it. You have finally landed at your dream vacation destination, ready for a few days of exploring and relaxing in the sun. Then, before you know it, rainclouds have started to gather. Soon, your thoughts are filled with dread, as you begin to picture the rest of your vacation spent sheltering indoors, noisy and bored children in tow.

However, it does not need to be this way. One crucial vacation tip to remember is that you can always have an unforgettable trip, no matter the weather. If it does end up raining, you do not need to cancel all of your plans. You just need to come prepared. Read on for some essential vacation tips to keep in mind if the forecast predicts rain. 

1. No Bad Weather – Only Bad Outfits

You have probably heard this one before, but it really does bear repeating. You would be surprised at how much you can continue doing in the rain as long as you have the right equipment. The humble umbrella is often all you need to continue your vacation unabated. If you have kids and are planning an activity-filled day at, say, a theme park or zoo, you need to pack quality child rain ponchos that will keep the little ones safe and dry throughout your trip. 

2. Have a Backup Plan, Always

The mental impact of rainy weather will be significantly less if you have a backup plan in place. If it is raining at a theme park, hit up the shops and restaurants that you researched beforehand. If your day at the beach has been canceled by bad weather, have some museums or foodie stops on your list as a backup. There is always something worth doing that does not involve being outside. 

3. Ask the Locals for a Vacation Tip

If anyone knows how to keep out of the rain and still have a good time, it’s the locals. Rather than pondering the right types of raincoats for the job, they will tell you all of the places you can have a great time without worrying about the weather. A local will no all of the hidden gems that you won’t find in the guidebooks or travel websites, as well as beach, city, and theme park tips to keep you dry and entertained. 

4. Hit the Road

Of course, you can always look elsewhere. You would be surprised at just how different the weather can be a 20-minute drive away. This is especially true if you are vacationing somewhere like California or in the Caribbean, where the weather is often temperamental and hugely varied within short distances. Do your weather app research and see if there is anywhere you can head to for the day to chase the sun. 

Make Your Next Trip Go Off Without a Hitch

If you are in need of another vacation tip (or several) to ensure that summer 2021 is your best one yet, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our expert Travel guides to find the latest insights and hacks for better, safer, and more affordable travel experiences. 

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