10 Ideas for Simple Food Recipes


It happens to all of us: sometimes we run out of new recipes to try. When that happens, do you also find yourself making the same old food? 

No more of that: it’s time to get creative. 

Finding new and great food recipes to try can feel overwhelming. After all, there are so many to choose from! To make your decision easier, here are ten ideas for simple food recipes. 

Give them a try, but read about them below first. 

1. Stone Crab

Stone crab is a delicacy that will get anyone’s taste buds rolling! Make sure you follow all instructions to prepare it well. 

Then, you can feast. Count on it being a fantastic meal for you and your family or guests. 

Follow these 7 easy steps to learn how to eat stone crab too. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself while trying to eat it, after all. 

2. Stir Fry

Stir fry is a quick and easy dish to make. The best part about it is that you can customize it to what you want to eat! 

Start with some cooking oil in your pot (sunflower or olive oil can work well). Choose your favorite vegetables and throw them into the searing wok or pan.

Then, you can add in meat or tofu to add some protein into your stir fry. Add a side of rice, and you’re good to go! 

3. French Bread Pizza

That’s right: you can use French bread to make pizza, and boy, is it good!

Cut your French bread slices in half through the middle. Add your desired sauce, cheeses, vegetables, or meats to it. Throw it in the oven afterward to get the right amount of toasty! 

4. Mac ‘N Cheese ‘N Veggies

Kids love mac ‘n cheese, and adults are no exception either: this wholesome meal can get you your daily nutrients too when you pack it with vegetables. 

Add some broccoli, spinach, or even peppers to your mac ‘n cheese to give it a nutritious kick! Throw in some meat if you need some protein as well. Discover all of the ways you can upgrade your mac ‘n cheese game

5. Refined Ramen

Gone are the days of college, where you ate ramen frequently. That doesn’t mean you need to eliminate ramen from your diet: just refine it. 

To do that, cook your ramen as you normally would. Add in vegetables, cheese, or even bacon bits to give your ramen some extra pizzazz. 

Try adding a fried egg or green onions too: your stomach will growl in anticipation! Plus, refined ramen is way tastier than what comes in its original packet. 

6. Get Invested in Pesto Chicken

Pesto chicken is one of the easiest recipes you can make! All you need to do is slather chicken breasts with pesto, add your desired cheese on top, and maybe garnish it with tomatoes or a spice too. Throw it in the oven to cook it through. 

With that, you’ve got a healthy dose of protein and a perfect little meal for yourself. In fact, if you make more than one chicken breast at a time, you can meal prep for the week too. 

7. Nachos at Home

Do you love ordering street nachos? Well, get ready to make them entirely at home with your own ingredients! 

You will need tortilla chips for this one. Get some good Mexican or fiesta cheese blend. You will also need black beans (or your choice of beans), sliced tomatoes, onions, and anything else you’d like to top your nachos with. 

Layer it on a pan, then put the pan in the oven for a while. When it’s done, you won’t regret having made nachos at home one bit. 

8. Wrap Yourself Up in Tuna and Avocado

Are you getting sick of making the same old tuna salad? Try something new with tuna: a tuna and avocado wrap

You will need canned tuna, avocadoes, lettuce, and wraps. If you want to add something a little extra, consider Dijon mustard or even a dab of hot sauce. Throw it all together into a wrap, and you’re done!

This tasty meal is great for lunch or a light dinner, especially if you don’t have a lot of prep time for it. 

9. Greek Salad Galore

On a hot summer day, the last thing you want to do is cook. Luckily, you can choose a cool meal—both in temperature and in style! 

Greek salad is one of the healthiest meals you can eat. All it takes is a little bit of prep time before you enjoy it. 

Cut up cucumber, dice some tomatoes, and slice some feta cheese. From there, be sure to season it with black pepper and even some Italian seasoning. If you want to add lettuce or chickpeas, you can do that too. 

10. Stuffed Peppers

Nothing ends the day quite right like a stuffed bell pepper can. 

Feel free to stuff your bell peppers with meat, meat substitutes, vegetables, sauces, and more. Pop them into the oven for 7-10ish minutes once they’re ready for a delicious dinner.

If you are looking for a good stuffed pepper meal for kids, try making stuffed pepper boats! You can cut the peppers into smaller pieces and top them with all of the stuffings. 

New Recipes to Try

You’ve reached the end of this article, but hopefully, you have ten new recipes to try! From French bread pizza to refined ramen to Greek salad, these simple recipes will tide you over—all while being easy to make!

Do you want even more recipes or culinary tips? Check out the rest of our website to find other great content!  

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