Types of Mom Shaming and How To Deal With It


Motherhood is tough enough in itself without having to deal with other people judging your motherhood skills. We have listed below different types of mom-shaming and how should you deal with it.

Mom Shaming by Other Moms:

The most common type of mom-shaming is via other moms. Moms tend to compare the behavior of their kid to other kids and get some satisfaction out of it. Moms who judge other moms are usually jealous of them or face inferiority complex issues. Women after pregnancy face many physical changes which affect them psychologically which may push them to resort to gain comfort from mom-shaming other moms. Post-pregnancy many moms gain weight or face major body changes along with lack of nutrients which may make them irritable. As per experts from Vein Specialists center, a few new moms may suffer from nutrient deficiency and develop physical ailments such as low immunity, vein disorders, hair loss, and loose skin. Facing all such issues can make a woman vicious and angry which they may express by mom-shaming.

Mom Shaming by Your Own Mom:

The most opinionated person who would pinpoint the mistakes you make as a mother is your own mother. This kind of mom-shaming is not really shaming but feedback by a woman who really cares about you and the kid, let us accept the fact that she is with you to help you as she cares about you and your kid. Still, there are a few mothers who can cross the line and if they do, you do have the full right to speak to them and make them understand what makes you uncomfortable.

Mom Shaming by Non-Moms:

This is the most irritating kind of mom-shaming. You will find people everywhere who do not have kids but have an opinion about everything you do. You should ignore such people or just put a stop to their irritating pieces of advice once and for all by being strict and upfront about it.

Mom Shaming by Neighbours:

Do you have a neighbor who keeps on complaining about your crying baby? Well, let them complain as you really cannot do much about the fact that babies cry. Suggest your neighbors to soundproof their home if they are really so irritated.

Mom Shaming by Strangers:

Have you been mom-shamed by a stranger walking on the sideway or someone in the elevator? Well, the world is filled with such people who pointlessly try to give advice to others. Just tell them to mind their own business and move on.

Online Mom Shaming:

The internet is filled with trollers who would love to find faults with whatever you post. Celebrity moms constantly get trolled because of the way they up-bring their kids. People should learn to mind their own business instead of questioning a mother. Ignore such trolls and enjoy your time with your kid instead.

Mom Shamed by Yourself:

This type of mom-shaming is serious when you question your own motherhood. Well, remember every mother goes through this phase and you may be new to it. Give it some time, you will become an expert. 

The best way to deal with mom-shaming and other motherhood related issues is by joining a mom support group. Other moms in the group will help you be a good mother and support you emotionally for the troubles you have to go through. The most important part as a mother is to love your kid, rest will come naturally to you as that is how mother nature has created you to be.

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