Celebrating The 5th Anniversary Of The Theatrical Debut Of The First Twilight Film, Summit Entertainment’s Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga Features All Five Films, Over 2 Hours Of Brand New Bonus Content And Every Special Feature Ever Produced For The Blockbuster Franchise.



If you’re a Twilight fan or know one this is a must have! The packaging is double-sided, with Edward and Bella on the front and Jacob on the back. The Blu-ray discs come housed inside an exclusive photo-album case (with the discs inserted into the pages rather than in normal blu-ray cases). I”m a big fan of this series. It’s a mix of action, romance and a bit or horror. I love how it has all the extras plus all the Twilight Forever extras!

This set includes:
1: TWILIGHT – Movie
2: TWILIGHT – Special Features
3: NEW MOON – Movie
4: NEW MOON – Special Features
5: ECLIPSE – Movie + Special Features
6: BREAKING DAWN PT. 1 – Movie (Theatrical Cut & Extended Edition)
7: BREAKING DAWN PT. 1 – Special Features
8: BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 – Movie
9: BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 – Special Features
10: TWILIGHT FOREVER – Exclusive Bonus Disc

*Also includes an Ultraviolet digital copy of each of the 5 movies.


– Cast retrospective with new interviews
– The Twilight Saga: Breaking Character – Showcases unreleased behind-the-scenes moments on set
– Twilight FAN-omenon – An exploration of the epic phenomenon
– Twilight Forever: Edward’s Saga
– Twilight Forever: Jacob’s Saga

– The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen 7-Part Documentary
– Extended and Deleted Scenes with Director’s Introduction
– Audio commentary with director Catherine Hardwicke and actors Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
– Music videos from Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park
– The Comic-Con Phenomenon
– Cast interviews with Stewart, Pattinson, Cam Gigandet, Edi Gathegi and Rachelle Lefevre
– Premiere Red Carpet Footage with Cast Interviews
– A Conversation with Stephenie Meyer
– Becoming Edward
– Becoming Bella
– Music: The Heartbeat of Twilight
– Vampire Kiss Montage
– Bella’s Lullaby Remix
– Edward’s Piano Concert

– 6-Part Documentary
– Audio commentary with director Chris Weitz and editor Peter Lambert
– Deleted and Extended Scenes
– The Beat Goes On: The Music of The Twilight Saga: New Moon
– Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: The Ultimate Love Triangle
– Introducing the Wolf Pack
– Becoming Jacob
– Edward Goes to Italy
– Jump To Edward & Jump To Jacob features
– Frame by Frame: Storyboards to Screen
– Music videos from Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina and Mutemath
– Behind-the-scenes Rehearsal with Muse
– Fandimonium featurette
– Exclusive Webcast Event footage
– Premiere Red Carpet Footage with Cast Interviews
– Extended Cast Interviews with Pattinson, Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Chris Weitz, the Cullen Family, the Wolf Pack and the Volturi

– The Making Of (6-Part Documentary)
– Audio commentary with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
– Audio commentary with Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey
– Deleted and Extended Scenes
– Music Videos from Muse and Metric
– Jump To Edward & Jump To Jacob features
– Photo Gallery

– Love, Death, Birth: Filming Breaking Dawn – Part 1, a 6-Part Documentary
– Jacob’s Destiny featurette
– Bella and Edward’s Personal Wedding Video
– Jump To Edward & Jump To Jacob features
– Music Videos from Bruno Mars, Christina Perri, The Belle Brigade and Iron & Wine
– Audio commentary with director Bill Condon

– Forever: Filming Breaking Dawn – Part 2, 7-Part Making Of documentary
– Two Movies at Once featurette
– Audio commentary with director Bill Condon
– Music Video from Green Day
– Tingles & Chills: Special Vampire Powers
– Carlisle’s Contacts: The New Vampires
– Judge, Jury & Executioner: Aro & the Volturi
– Being Charlie Swan
– The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 at Comic Con
– Stars on the Black Carpet



“DVD Disc 1 twilight feature film Also includes: extended scenes and music videos DVD Disc 2 : twilight special features Deleted scenes, *new* jump-tos the adventure begins: the journey from page to screen a 7-part documentary, ComiCon featurette, cast interviews, premiere red carpet footage, music featurettes, a conversation with Stephenie Meyer and more DVD Disc 3 : new moon feature film DVD Disc 4: new moon special features Deleted scenes, 6-part documentary, music videos, featurettes, jump-tos and more DVD Disc 5: new moon special features Extended scenes, extended interviews and more DVD Disc 6: eclipse feature film DVD Disc 7 : eclipse special features Deleted scenes, extended scenes, extended interviews, 6-part documentary, music videos, jump-to­Ýs, photo galleries and more DVD Disc 8 : Breaking Dawn Part 1 feature film (theatrical and extended editions) DVD Disc 9: Breaking Dawn Part 1 special features love, death, birth a 6-part documentary, featurettes, jump-to­Ýs, music videos and more DVD Disc 10: Breaking Dawn Part 2 feature film DVD Disc 11 : Breaking Dawn Part 2 special features forever a 7-part documentary, featurette, red carpet footage, music video and more DVD Disc 12: All-New special features Cast retrospective with new interviews Previously unreleased behind the scenes moments with the cast A look at the twilight fan-omenon Highlights of Edward and Jacob­Ýs stories in the saga”.

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