Travelling from LAX? 4 Pre-Flight Relaxation Tips


If you live in or near Los Angeles, you might regularly fly from LAX on vacations to San Francisco and Detroit or even further afield to Tokyo or Taipei.

Family trips are fun, but any mom knows that the time spent traveling to the airport and waiting in the terminal can be challenging — parents find it hard to unwind when children are climbing the walls with boredom and restlessness.

But it doesn’t have to be that way — here are four pre-flight relaxation trips for Los Angelenos who want a laid-back start to their vacation.

  1. Santa Monica Pier

If you’ve got time to kill before checking in for your flight and your kids could do with burning off excess energy, Santa Monica Pier near LAX is the perfect pit-stop.

A traditional amusement park with an iconic Ferris wheel that’s now solar powered, it’s packed with bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and an entertainment arcade boasting wall-to-wall games.

Once the youngsters have had their fix of adrenalin-fueled video gaming, soak in sublime views of Malibu and South Bay as you stroll along the boardwalk.

  1. Marina Del Rey

Gentle waves can repair the most frazzled nerves — so what better way to capture a Zen moment before a big trip than boat spotting at Marina Del Rey, just four miles from the airport?

Once you’ve had your fill of sparkling yachts, take to the waves yourselves and enjoy a romantic dining cruise that sets the mood for your impending trip.

Or alternatively, trek across to Ballona Wetlands, where you might be lucky enough to see bird species like the great blue heron or snowy egret — being in the midst of nature is blissful.

  1. LAX Parking

Car parking might not seem like the most promising way of balancing body and mind prior to a flight.

But if you’re traveling in your own vehicle with kids for convenience and haven’t pre-booked a space, finding a suitable spot can raise your blood pressure.

Better to search LAX parking site and book a self-park or valet option online for a reasonable fee — then you can deposit your ride safely on arrival and set off on your vacay with peace of mind.

  1. In-N-Out Burger

The airport has its share of in-house eateries, but for an authentic Los Angeles treat, be sure to stop off at the In-N-Out Burger next to LAX on neighboring Sepulveda Boulevard.

They serve mouth-watering Double-Double burgers with 100 percent American beef patties, cheese, salad, lettuce and signature sauce, all wedged between two toasted buns — delicious.

But best of all, when the weather’s fine (as it usually is), you can dine outside and enjoy amazing views of jets whooshing above as they take off and land.

So there are four fabulous pre-flight relaxation tips for LAX travelers — tick them off before your next trip to feel refreshed, revived and ready to unwind completely.

What’s your favorite LAX pre-flight activity? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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