Touch Wood! 5 Signs You Have Termites in Your Home


Termites are one of the most aggravating pests known to man. These little bugs dive deep into any dry wood you have and worm their way through. They eat through your foundations and really make you realize the need and importance of pest control. There are a few simple ways you can use to check whether you have a termite infestation.

If you find your home being invaded by these tiny monsters, the first thing you should do is call up your local pest exterminator right away. The pest company will send over skilled exterminators who will easily get your termite problem under control. Termites are particularly dangerous because they eat through almost any type of wood you have. Tables, headboards, paneling, etc – you name it, they’ll eat it. So don’t waste time: read on and find out if you have a termite problem in your house!

#1: Head Banging

This might sound funny but in reality, it’s a little scary. Termites often make small clicking noises when they’re busy at work inside your walls. These critters are also super noisy when they’re chomping away on your precious woodwork. Therefore, when checking for termites, put your ear next to the wall and listen for clicking sounds. If termites sense danger, they start banging their heads on the wall to signal the rest of the group. Basically, if you hear any strange noises coming from inside the walls, there’s a good chance it’s termites.

#2: You Got Wings

Another gross but useful sign is discarded wings. Termites often fly around, especially when it’s the mating season but once they have found their mates, they shed their wings. Check-in corners and other nooks and crannies around the house. If you find bunches of wings around, you’ll know you have an infestation.

#3: Hollow Sounds

Termites often eat away wood or timber from the inside, leaving it hollow. A good tip is to knock on wood quite literally and then listen to what that sounds like. If you hear a more hollow sort of noise, it means that termites have eaten it away from the inside.

#4: Tight Doors

No, we don’t mean the doors will suddenly become tighter and you won’t be able to squeeze through. Rather, this is when door frames suddenly get warped and won’t close, or windows become hard to open and become stuck. This could be because of the hot weather, but also because of termites. When termites eat through wood, they produce moisture and this causes it to expand. When it does that, it gets tough for you to open and close the wooden doors and windows. Be on the lookout for this sign.

#5: Termite Droppings

These are usually the first sign that exterminator checks for because they are really quite distinctive. Termite droppings are usually scattered around the entrances to their holes and they look like black marks with black powder around them. If you spot these anywhere around your house, you definitely have a termite problem and you should call up an exterminator right away!

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