Top Ways of Celebrating Your Favorite Holidays


Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Halloween, we’re always looking for fun and exciting new ways to celebrate our favorite holidays. If 2020 has left you feeling a little bit deflated, and you’re fed up with the holidays not feeling quite as magical, then read on for some unique ways to put a bit of sparkle back into the holidays.


If you want a low-cost way of making everything seem a bit more festive, then consider matching tops for you and the family. Whether it’s a Christmas day t-shirt that you and the kids can wear as you unwrap your gifts under the tree, or a St Patrick’s Day shirts women, you’ll definitely bring everyone into the party with a matching holiday shirt for your family. 


This is a fantastic holiday for making things a little bit more magical with the kids. Have them plant jelly beans in the evening and then, when they’re tucked up in bed, you can stick candy canes in the soil so it looks as if they grew from the beans! If you have little ones that you won’t get to see this Christmas, why not send them a personalized message from Santa this year. You can pick what the big man says and there are services that offer something really special. There’s also plenty of fun to be had with writing letters to Santa, and making and sending cards to friends and family across the world who can’t be with you at Christmas time this year. 


This is another occasion when the possibilities are pretty much limitless! They also don’t have to break the bank and will give you and your family memories for years to come. If this is a time you and the family get together, and you don’t see each other for much of the rest of the year, then why not celebrate everyone’s birthday? Exchange gifts, have balloons and make a giant birthday cake. You could also let the kids set and decorate the table for your shared meal. It’s also a time to remember those who can’t be with you – if there’s a physical item that you can have on the table or keep somewhere special to remember loved ones then it’s the perfect time to get that out.


There are so many fun ways you can celebrate Halloween, and everyone has fun in their own ways. If you want to break the mold next year, how about searching your local area for a ghost walk (or starting your own with neighbors), or holding a murder mystery dinner. If this sounds a little too spooky or sophisticated for the little ones amongst the party, then you can supplement it with Halloween arts and crafts. Be inventive – don’t just stick with carving pumpkins for a Halloween party with a difference.

All holidays are a great time to celebrate with your friends and families, but it’s also time to remember those less fortunate. If there are opportunities for charity, or volunteering during the holidays then this can become as much a part of your traditions as anything else. 

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