Top DIY Hairdos for Curly Hair


Managing curly hair can be a very exhausting job. From shampooing the noodle nest on your nest to brushing it down to style it into something neat and nice is a real struggle for people with curly hair, especially when they have to do it on an everyday basis as a student or an employee. Styling curly hair for a formal event is another deal altogether. Most people with curly hair either investing in a plethora of hairstyling appliances or styling products which require a good one dedicated hour for only hair styling or end up rushing to a hairstylist to get their hair in place every time there is an event.

Many companies today have launched hair straightening solutions for curly hair such as Xtenso and Keratin treatments but these treatments are heavily loaded with chemicals and can ruin your hair if done on regular basis. Moreover, these treatments might mean that you will have to bid farewell to your naturally beautiful curls forever. Other than that, dead straight hair is already considered outdated in most fashion circuits and curls is the new buzzword, If you are distressed with managing your curly hair on a daily basis these simple DIY hairstyles will let you carry your natural curls like a true fashionista.

Romantic Buns

Buns make you look extremely neat and fresh and they are a life saver especially if you are living in some place that is hot and humid. It saves your neck from all the unnecessary heat and let you focus on your work without worrying about fixing your hair all the time. Many people with curly hair dread buns because the hair does not look neatly straight at the front. The good news is that not all buns have to be neatly combed at the front. This variant of bun leaves hair strands relaxed at the front to make them look more breathable and not “tight.”

To get this look wash your hair and let them get air dried. Then apply any curl defining product. Gather your hair in your hands like you do for a ponytail and position it slightly below your crown. Now hold your ponytail at the base from one hand and use the other hand to wrap the loose hair around this base until it completes wraps into a bun. Secure your buns using a few bobby pins and mist it off with a hairspray.

Sky High Pony Tail

Ponytails are an amazing hack for quick DIY hairstyling. They save you from using heat and chemical based products on your hair and they are extremely quick. Moreover, they can easily be tweaked to work for both formal and casual looks. If you have curly hair, wash your hair and prep them up with a curl defining cream. Then gather all your hair into a ponytail and position is as high as you can at the crown of your head. Tie the ponytail with an elastic band and then use a few bobby pins to secure this elastic in place.

Accessorize with a Headband

When you have too little time and too much to do to be able to invest time to style your hair, the best solution is to do nothing at all. Remember all those Disney princesses with voluminous curls secured by beautiful headbands and tiaras? You can pull off a similar look by simply prepping your hair with a curl defining product and then brushing your curls and securing them by a beautiful headband. You can change your type of headband to readjust your look for formal and casual occasions.

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