2017 Trends To Stop Aging In Its Tracks


Navigating your way through all the new information on anti-aging procedures without any surgery required can be confusing, and your age plays a part in which choices are right for you. When you should start using preventative care compared to more intensive procedures is a personal choice that also needs professional guidance. An important first step towards turning back the clock starts with getting the right information for your age and expectations.

What To Do For Your 20s

Targeting the best skin care practices early on helps you avoid the need for more complex and expensive procedures as you continue to age. The tone and texture of twenty-something skin can be stimulated with peel treatments. Medical grade prevention and protection from aging helps skin to regulate natural oil development and pigmentation.

For skin care clients in their 20s, popular medical procedures like peel treatments can use active ingredients like lactic or salicylic acid and retinol. Other skin care services to preserve the vitality of your skin at this age include radio frequency treatment for collagen stimulation and Intense Pulse Light treatments that target sun damage and complexion issues.

What To Do For Your 30s

Clients in their 30s are often concerned with the development of fine lines and the continued effect of sun damage in their lives. For others, treating hyperpigmentation and scarring from acne or tissue damage require powerful solutions. Fractional laser treatment and continuing preventative maintenance routines minimize pores, reduce wrinkles, and boost collagen.

If at this age you’re noticing that your ‘smile lines’ show around the cheeks and forehead, then looking through any Botox before and after pictures can show you the difference certain procedures make. Relaxing the creases between the brows with cosmetic injections like these melt away an entire decade.

What To Do For Your 40s

By your 40s, biological changes continue to shape the skin care needs of your face and body. Everyone experiences a certain volume loss beginning at this age, so medically administered fillers that put vibrancy back in your expression are favored treatment options.

Trending procedures that erase the look of years on the face include deep-set collagen stimulation with radio frequency equipment, which tightens skin and improves the contour of your face’s shape. Continuing peel treatments and everyday skin care routines help the overall quality of your complexion regulate and renew daily.

What To Do For Your 50s

In order to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and youthful in your 50s, a wider range of treatments should be considered carefully. While this should always include the appropriate frequency of rejuvenating procedures, the laxity of skin at this age needs deep, heated penetration for collagen treatment. Certain plans will target the neck and chest, which at this age can suffer increased pigmentation and vulnerability to sun damage.

For any non-surgical treatment plans, the best way to make sure they’re effective is to start early and follow up frequently. Preventing damage and premature signs of aging can be achieved at any age and with a variety of services gaining popularity in 2017.

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