Top 5 Tips For Optimum Dental Care


Oral Hygiene is essential for keeping your teeth healthy and glowing. It is also vital for a healthy and happy mind that contributes to general wellness. While most of us tend to brush our teeth regularly, little we concentrate on proper dental hygiene. Below I will discuss a few steps you should follow to get the right sparkle on.  

Brush Your Mouth Properly

Make it a habit to regularly brush your mouth. Your teeth are not the only things that require purging. You have the gum, your tongue and the roof of your mouth to properly cleanse. I would recommend brushing your teeth at least twice every day. While brushing, make sure the bristles of the toothbrush are positioned at a 45-degree angle near the gum line. Place your brush so the bristles are in contact with both the gum and the teeth going for light movements up & down then back & forth. Clean the insides of your gum and teeth using the same technique. Also, brush the surface of your tongue and the roof of your mouth because it helps get harmful bacteria causing bad breath washed away.

Visit Your Dentist regularly

Aside from proper cleansing, it is mandatory to visit your Dentist in New York regularly to get your teeth thoroughly examined and cleaned up as well. Generally, we tend to go to a dentist when we have a problem like dental caries or when we suffer from traumatized teeth requiring us you to consult a long-term disability lawyer. We should be careful and have our teeth examined ever 3-4 months. Make sure you visit a reputed orthodontist for the best treatment. Check with your dentist for any oral health problems that you cannot spot and get immediate dental care.

Make It A Habit To Floss Regularly

Merely brushing your teeth is not enough to keep your teeth healthy and shining. You need to floss them regularly, so you can easily clean the spaces between your teeth. This is something you cannot achieve by brushing alone. It also helps clear away any food residues and harmful deposits within the mouth. Go for a daily flossing routine for the best oral care.

Focus on a Teeth-Friendly Diet

Oral Hygiene requires the same amount of diligence as cognitive health or general wellness. While we tend to naturally spot signs that tell us our health’s suffering and we need a break for de-stress, dental care often takes the back seat. Give a thought to it as part of regular maintenance with a focus on eating proper meals. Your diet is as important as brushing or flossing when it comes to dental hygiene. You might be brushing your teeth regularly but if you are eating too sweet or noshing on snacks that are detrimental to your oral health, it will not be useful. Eat teeth-friendly foods such as fresh fruits like citrus and apples, vegetables, poultry, cheese, nuts, and yogurt. Cheese especially has substances that stimulate your salivary glands to secrete more saliva helping neutralize the acid.

Avoid Excessive Drinking & Fizzy drinks

Steer clear of smokes and alcohol as they are true botchers for dental hygiene. Consuming a lot of alcohol or indulging in tobacco leads to harmful diseases like Oral Cancer, which is a critical periodontal condition. To top it off, if you are drinking tea or coffee aside from tobacco and alcohol, then you double your chances of oral cancer. Avoid fizzy drinks like soda including alcohol and limit the intake of sugary foods & beverages. Too much phosphorous in these drinks can damage your dental health by depleting calcium concentration in your body causing tooth decay and gum disease. Drink plenty of water to have strong teeth.  


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