Top 10 Online Games That You Have to Try Out!


Are you sick of those long days at the office? Perhaps you just want something to do in your free time.

Regardless, online games are a great answer. The first computer game was a version of Tic-tac-toe created in 1952 by  A S Douglas. Since then, games have evolved quite a bit in nearly every field.

Not sure which online games are worth playing? We’re here to help. We’ll tell you about some of the top 10 online games in the paragraphs below.

1. Online Slots

If you like to gamble, one of the best options may be online slots. There are some great sites out there that offer whole assortments of online slot machines just waiting to be played.

2. Wonderputt

Next on our list of the top 10 online games is Wonderputt. The courses in this wacky golf game go far beyond what’s possible in any real course. You’ll encounter everything from rainbows to rockets, and ski slopes, all built into a virtual miniature golf course.

3. Superhot

Superhot is a game that takes all the fun of stopping time and superhuman speed and puts them in your hands. You can stand and aim while time is stopped or nearly stopped. You can even shoot.

However, if you move in any direction time goes at normal speed until you stop. Your goal is to eliminate all the red stick figure enemies and stay alive.

4. Samorost

This unique puzzle game is a point-and-click adventure made up of strange old photos and a mute protagonist. You solve puzzles to find your way through the setting–a group of asteroids– in this set of three adventures.

5. Daymare Series

In the Daymare series, you must solve puzzles to get out of a strange, unsettling town that you happen to be trapped in. The combination of black-and-white, almost cartoonish drawings and eerie music helps to bring the whole experience home.

6. A Dark Room

A Dark Room is a spin on the classic form of text-based adventures. The title is taken from the starting location, but this game quickly expands to put more weight into your decisions.

It’s a neat and addictive game that’s great for those with a fondness for classics.

7. Frog Fractions

Potentially one of the oddest games to ever be made, Frog Fractions starts as a comedic tribute to old-school arcade games and the educational games we all played in school.

However, the game expands and changes as you keep playing and brings new surprises at every turn.

8. Qwop

This game puts you in the shoes of the only olympian representing a tiny unidentified nation. The name comes from the main controls, but also the name of the main character.

Your job is to control the runner’s legs and somehow reach the finish line.

9. Robot Unicorn Attack

So, there’s nothing close to an attack in this game. Instead, you play as a robotic unicorn jumping across platforms in this side-scroller. As if that wasn’t enough, the song ‘Always’ by Erasure is constantly playing in the background.

10. Doom

First released in 1993, Doom is the quintessential FPS. It was a game that went on to inspire countless other games.

It had you wandering around as a nameless sole survivor marine as he battled zombies and demons in an attempt to send them back to Hell.

It also popularized so many ideas that we still cherish today, like multiplayer and modding.

The Top 10 Online Games, and Why You Should Play Them

Online games come in many different forms. We’ve mentioned the top 10 online games above, but those are our choices. We encourage you to do more research on your own if you’re interested.

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Zahid Ahmed
4 years ago

Great Games. I will try all the games soon.

Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson
4 years ago

Agree with you Zahid, really great list of games. Also, I would recommend you website with more then 600 games. Just check it!

4 years ago

Strange list. And where are the popular online games today, League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty, GTA
Now there is such a wide variety of games that you do not have enough free time to play everything