To Die For: What Is Die Cutting For?


Even see those embossed and stenciled business cards and fliers everyone seems to get? They always look so beautiful. But what makes them that way?

The machine that makes it happen is the die cutter. But what is a die cutter anyway? Here is a brief guide about die cutting and what it can do for you.

What Is Die Cutting?

Die-cutting is a type of fabrication process that utilizes machines and various other tools specialized in converting stock materials by shearing, forming, or simply cutting it into specific shapes.

A die is essentially like a cookie-cutter; a piece of metal used to cut the shape out of the stock material. The die cuts the shape and the excess material is discarded. This excess is called a ‘matrix’.

The die can leave the outline in various ways, depending on the die-cutting machine. 

What is Die Cutting Used For? 

Die cutters are used for things ranging from boxes and paper to rubber tires and plastics. You will find that die cutting has many options as well, not just cutting.

Types of Die Cutters

There are several types of cutters. The first is a flatbed die cutter. The flatbed uses a hydraulic style press as well as other kinds of lifting systems to press down on the stock material. 

It’s usually best for smaller volume projects that don’t need many done at once, and for larger/thicker stock material such as fabrics, fibers, felt, and thin metals. 

Then there are Rotary die cutters. This includes both semi-rotary and full-rotary machines. They use rollers in their system to pass webs, long sheets of material, through the machine, and a roller essentially stencils the stock material.

Both rotary and semi-rotary machines can use solid or flexible dies. Solid dies are cylinders with premade designs already built into, while flexible ones are thin sheets of metal that can wrap around a magnetic cylinder. Flexible dies are much less expensive and give you the ability to customize better.

Semi-rotary machines seem to be the best for cutting labels due to them being more effective at shearing custom labels.

During the process, the press moves the web back and forth during the cutting, reducing the times it needs to go through the cutting process. Once complete, the matrix is pulled away, and all that’s left is your label.

The Many Things Die Cutters Can Make

Die cutters aren’t limited to just cutting and shearing though. They can do many other things too depending on the stock material in use. 

Some of the more interesting effects it can create are embossing or creating raised designs for a full 3D effect, Kiss cutting where the die grazes the stock material but doesn’t cut all the way through, and engraving through thicker materials.

You can buy this die cutting machine and try it out yourself.

Get A Die Cutter Today

Die cutting can create so many different designs, fitting almost anything you need for your designs. 

If you have a design or label you want to carry out, don’t wait to do it. Get it done with a die cutter today and make it come to life. For other interesting and informative articles like this one, be sure to browse the rest of our blog.

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