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Several people have come to love pearly white teeth as it has been attributed to an even attractive appearance. With an increasing number of people seeking better ways to whiten their teeth, to signify improved personal hygiene and oral health, and also as a sign of beauty, there is the need to explore the options which can help protect the teeth and its overall appearance.

Dentist Ashfield revealed that it is natural for the teeth to become stained, thus taking the natural yellow or beige-tinted appearance as you age. This discoloration is caused because of the thinning of the teeth enamel which exposes the richly pigmented underlying structure, the dentin.

To however achieve a greater appearance of the teeth, below are some of the recommended steps from Dentist Ashfield to help better manage teeth appearance for a whiter and brighter teeth.

  1. Avoid Teeth Grinding

A common practice among many is teeth grinding. However, teeth grinding is a bad oral health habit as it affects the teeth, causing the enamel to wear down faster and revealing the dentin which is highly pigmented thus affecting the overall appearance of the teeth. Continuous grinding of the teeth can also lead to cracking of the tooth and in most cases, leads to premature yellowing of the teeth.

While not everyone suffers from teeth grinding, there is the need to speak to your dental care specialist about the condition in other to better address it by finding out the true cause and treating it.

Teeth grinding due to stress can be worked on through elimination of stressors which are common triggers of the condition. However, in some cases, some stressors may be difficult to eliminate and this may demand that the dentist helps the patient to develop a coping mechanism that does not involve teeth grinding. In most cases, meditation can be employed to suit the patient and help them in better dealing with such stressors.

  1. Avoid Food And Activities That Stain Your Teeth

Yellowing of some tooth are unavoidable and this may be due to daily activities and lifestyle choices, however, consumption of dark colored beverages like coffee and team may cause strain on the tooth enamel over tome. It is important that for whiter and brighter teeth, you should cut down on food items that contains caffeine such as black tea, cola and more.

Another common staining agent is wine. Consumption of either red or white wine can turn the teeth yellow and this is largely due to the acidic content of the drink.

Additionally, food that can stain the teeth, especially richly colored food should be avoided. Take care to avoid too much consumption of tomato-based sauces and berries. It is important to note that you do not necessarily have to cut out these staining food items completely, you can reduce the consumption and make a habit of brushing your teeth thoroughly after you have partaken in such feast.

  1. Choose Tooth-Colored Composite Crowns And Fillings

Another great way to maintain the appearance and brightness of the teeth is to maintain proper oral hygiene to help the teeth remain strong and healthy. However, in some cases, and due to some activities, plaques may develop in the teeth causing cavities in some tooth. Tooth colored filling may be recommended as a proper treatment option for such conditions. When faced with such treatment option as this, it is recommended that you request tooth colored material that mirrors the appearance of your teeth. This allows a maximum blend.

Tooth-colored composite fillings are made from safe materials such as silica fillers and resins. The tooth-colored fillings are made to fit and match the color of the natural teeth so they do not stand out, and instead blend seamlessly with the rest of the teeth.

  1. Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

A cosmetic way to get whiter teeth will be to visit your dentist and request for a professional teeth whitening service. Teeth whitening has become one of the commonest and most sought after dental procedures in recent times and this is due to the non-invasive nature of the procedure. While teeth whitening treatments can be found at any drug store, the chances of effectiveness are lower compared to getting a professional teeth whitening service from a dental clinic. In addition, the concentration of bleach can either be too low or too high. Too low bleach concentration can cause inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the procedure while too high bleach concentration can cause gum related conditions.

It is recommended that you visit an experienced dentist to have your teeth whitening needs attended to.

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steele honda
5 years ago

Thanks for the tips for a whiter, brighter smile. I appreciate that you mentioned that you should choose professional teeth whitening. I think that would help make sure that your teeth would look the best and that it would be done in a healthier way.